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7 Helpful Tips You Can Get From an Arbor Senior Care Counselor

Oct 9, 2018 6:30:00 AM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

7 Helpful Tips You Can Get From an Arbor Senior Care CounselorThe transition to senior living can feel overwhelming. You’ll have to deal with issues such as financing care, finding the right community, planning the move, getting loved ones on board for the move, and ensuring you’ve made the right choice after you or your loved one moves in. Arbor’s Senior Care Counselors offer help navigating the ins and outs of senior living. They can answer your questions, point you toward valuable resources, and offer a sympathetic ear. Here are some of the ways they can help you:

Answering Financial Questions

One in three seniors eventually need assisted living or nursing care. The average cost for this care is $82,000 a year. Even for families that have scrimped and saved, this figure can seem daunting. Long-term care insurance premiums are rising, leaving many seniors to fund senior living on their own. Don’t be discouraged. A wide range of options can help your loved one afford senior living. Our counselors work with you to find creative solutions that work with your needs and budget. They’re knowledgeable about what insurance, Medicaid, and other programs will fund. After a conversation with a counselor, you can begin assembling a workable plan to ensure your loved one has a safe, rewarding retirement.

Dealing With the Emotional Side of the Transition

Even if you’re excited about the senior living community you’ve chosen, change can be difficult. Our counselors understand this. They’ll work with you to find ways to manage the transition. They can also help you cultivate talking points for explaining the transition to grandchildren, spouses, and anyone else who might struggle with the change.

Help Talking to Family

Caregiving can be stressful, especially when family members disagree with or disapprove of your decisions. The transition to senior living is easiest when everyone in the family is on board. Our counselors can help you talk to family members in a way that encourages them to listen. We’ll help you explain to your family why it’s so important for everyone to remain positive about the change, and how family conflict can make the transition more difficult.

Connecting Your Loved One to Resources

The right senior living community offers easy access to new friendships, social events, transportation, and even volunteer opportunities. Yet your loved one might want more. Our counselors can connect you and your loved one to a wide range of additional resources—online and in-person support groups, books about healthy aging, classes on using technology to stay connected to loved ones, and more.

Comparing Care Options

Arbor’s counselors are experts on senior living. They can help you decide which senior living option is best—in-home care, independent living, assisted living, or memory care. They also work with you to understand your loved one’s unique needs and senior living goals. Does your senior want to spend lots of time outdoors, or is transportation to a bustling local metropolis more important? What geographic location will be most accessible to your family? When you’re exhausted and overwhelmed, calling to get answers to these questions can feel daunting. We remove this step, giving you a prescreened list of options and offering tips for assessing which community is right for your family.

Support for Move-In Day

The big move takes a lot of planning. You’ll need to help your loved one downsize, manage the process of unpacking, and ensure your loved one feels comfortable in their new home. Our counselors have helped hundreds of families make a to-do list, check items off the list, and experience a stress-free move. We can help you, too. And if you encounter any snafus on move-in day, we’re standing by.

Advice for Supporting Your Loved One After the Move

The transition to senior living doesn’t end with move-in day. Your loved one needs some time to adapt. They may need additional support in the days following the move. Our counselors can help you navigate common challenges, empower you to work through your own emotions, and connect you to additional resources when you need them. We want your family's transition to be a successful one. We know how to help you succeed.

Arbor has cared for seniors and the people who love them for 30 years. Our expertise is unrivaled, and our compassion is unmatched. We’re here for you when you need us. We walk beside you at each step on the journey. For help managing the transition to senior living, or to find the right community for your needs, give us a call. We can’t wait to talk to you!


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