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7 Life Changes That Suggest It's Time To Move Into A Senior Living Community

Sep 25, 2018 6:30:00 AM / Wanda Moen Wanda Moen

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Aging can be difficult and full of unpleasant surprises. However, your senior years can also be the best of your life—with the right supportive environment. If living the life you want is becoming more difficult, it may be time to move into a senior living community. The right senior living community offers meaningful community, plenty of activities, exciting community events, and transportation to area attractions. Here are some signs that it may be time to make the move.

1. You’ve Been Diagnosed With a Progressive or Chronic Illness

Nearly 40 percent of seniors have at least one disability. Among disabled seniors, mobility difficulties are the most common impairment. If you have a chronic or progressive illness, you may be facing the specter of disability—or already struggling with getting around. Moving into a senior living community now can help you preserve your independence and ensure you never have to feel overwhelmed at home.

2. You’re Struggling With Daily Tasks

Your senior years may be the first time in your life that you’re not wrangling kids, fighting traffic, or balancing the competing demands of work and home. You deserve to relax. Yet many seniors find themselves instead struggling with daily tasks. Twenty percent of seniors over 70 say they can’t accomplish daily tasks without help. You don’t have to resign yourself to depending on others, or give up on taking care of yourself and your home. The right senior living community can support you to remain as independent as possible.

3. You Feel Isolated or Alone

Loneliness doesn’t just feel bad—it’s terrible for your health. Lonely people may even die younger. Seniors who live alone, who no longer drive, or who are separated by geography from family may feel lonely, or like they’re missing out on the very things that make retirement great. If you struggle with daily loneliness, it’s time to move somewhere that helps you feel supported and enables you to make new friends and nurture existing connections.

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4. You’re Not Enjoying Your Retirement

Life is short and you shouldn’t waste a precious moment of it feeling unhappy. If you’re not enjoying your retirement, it’s time to make a change. Consider what might help you feel happier. Odds are good that more friends, better transportation, regular activities, and a beautiful home could help.

5. You No Longer Drive

More than 200,000 senior drivers were injured in traffic crashes in 2016. Seniors are disproportionately hurt in car accidents because their bodies are more fragile and many struggle with the skills necessary for driving. If you stop driving when you’re no longer able, you may save your own life, or others. And at the right senior living community, giving up driving won’t mean giving up your social life.

6. Your Loved Ones Are Worried About You

If your loved ones have expressed concern about your living situation, be willing to listen. Sometimes they notice things you don’t. While you might think you’re doing okay, a child or grandchild may believe you deserve better—and know that better is possible.

7. You Feel Anxious or Overwhelmed

For some people, living alone offers peaceful respite from the stress of their younger years. For many, living alone is unnerving. They worry about what might happen if they fell, fear being abandoned by friends and family, or struggle to enjoy daily activities. If you feel anxious in your home or overwhelmed by your everyday life, you deserve a home that helps you feel comfortable, safe, and excited about life. 

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Wanda Moen

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