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A Day in the Life of An Arbor Senior Living Resident

Sep 20, 2018 6:30:00 AM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

A Day in the Life of An Arbor Senior Living Resident

Back when you were fighting traffic, dealing with difficult bosses, wrangling screaming toddlers, and balancing the competing demands of many roles, you might have fantasized about retirement to get through the day. What did your fantasy look like? Most seniors say they want to stay in their homes. Yet many find that this decision actually constrains their freedom and becomes increasingly isolating. For many seniors, senior living offers a chance at the retirement they always fantasized about—but without all the work.

A Day in the Life of a Senior at Arbor: Living as Unique as You

Arbor’s senior living communities offer so many activities that you might want to invest in a planner so you can figure out how to take advantage of it all. Today’s senior living communities offer a full spectrum of activities, including:

  • Fine dining: Do you love gourmet meals but hate the mess and effort? Senior living offers an easy solution: fine dining suited to all appetites and nutritional needs in our gorgeous community dining centers.
  • Easy socialization: Remember when you were a kid and could walk outside and find someone to play with in no time at all? The right senior living community is a lot like that. Step outside and you may see a dear friend going for a walk. Or head down to the community center or lobby to meet a few new friends.
  • Community events: Senior living means access to year-round special events just a few steps from your door. Attend a cooking class, an ice cream social, or a holiday festival without ever having to get in the car.

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  • Celebrating you and those you love: When you move to senior living, you have a ready-made community that is invested in your success, your well-being, and your family. We celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more. We’d love to celebrate you.
  • Exercise: Exercise may be the most important ingredient in the recipe for healthy aging. A senior living community inspires you to get moving by planning fun activities near your home. Your friends and neighbors can be a further source of motivation. And, of course, there are regular classes on a wide variety of fitness topics.
  • Community outings: No matter how much you love your home, getting out into the community is great for your well-being. Senior living communities make it easy by planning community outings and taking care of transportation to popular destinations.
  • A chance to give back: Seniors in senior living communities often have a strong drive to pass on wisdom and support to younger generations. At Arbor, we help seniors volunteer in ways that feel meaningful to them. Residents at Arbor Terrace Peachtree City, for instance, recently began volunteering at a school ice cream program.

What Would Life Look Like?

So what could a day in your life look like in a senior living community? Imagine waking up in a cozy, well-maintained home without having to worry about saving up for the leaky roof or creaking faucets. Look out the window to view a perfectly landscaped lawn. Then walk down the hallway to the dining hall where you can feast on cinnamon buns—or go healthy with fruit and oatmeal.

Your blood gets pumping as you walk around the community with a few friends. Then you decide to take part in the community’s monthly yoga class. Head home for a quick nap before meeting up with your grandkids for a delicious lunch in the dining room. As your grandkids leave, you meet up with some friends to take a shuttle into town. Stock up on groceries, then get help unloading them.

The afternoon is your chance to get ready for the monthly community social. Sometimes it’s ballgowns and tails. Other times it’s a low-key ice cream sock hop. Whatever is happening this month, you know you’ll be able to stay out as late as you want. After all, home is only a few steps away. Don’t stay out too late, though. Community volunteer day is tomorrow, and you’ll want time in the morning to sit in the garden and read a book.

Want more details about what senior living could mean for you? Check out our free guide, The Journey to Senior Living.

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