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Assisted Living: Is This Level of Care Right for Your Parent?

Aug 16, 2016 1:00:00 PM / Paul Kelley Paul Kelley


As adults age, it is common for cognitive, physical or emotional issues to cause the need for some additional help. If you believe that your loved one may benefit from some extra assistance, you are in luck. The senior living industry today offers many options designed to keep aging adults healthy and happy for longer.

But between all of the choice - skilled nursing, assisted living, home care - how do you know which one to choose? It certainly is a decision that you should base on your loved one’s needs, preferences, and long term plan. Should you find yourself wondering if assisted living may be the best option for your family, take a look at a few questions that may help you decide if you should call and schedule that assisted living tour.

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Would your loved one benefit from downsizing their living space?

Assisted living communities offer choice for apartment layout, sometimes having one or even two bedroom apartments available for rent. This can be a wonderful option for seniors who are overwhelmed with the responsibilities and actions required to manage a larger home. Between the yard work, housekeeping, and navigating from one room to the next, the large family home may no longer be the safest or most sustainable option for your loved one.

Assisted living apartments are still spacious and feature the comforts of home, like a kitchenette. However, residents can focus their time and energy on participating in activities or other hobbies instead of cleaning or other home maintenance. Typically, assisted living communities offer weekly housekeeping and maintenance assistance as requested as a part of the monthly rent.

Would your loved one benefit from nutritious and delicious meals that are prepared for them three times per day?

Cooking for one is difficult, even for the most seasoned home chef. If your loved one is struggling with making nutritious meals, or making good diet decisions, assisted living can be a breath of fresh air. A team of culinary experts work to prepare up to three meals per day, served in a dining room meant to encourage peer socialization, for residents as a part of their monthly rent. These meals feature entree choice as well as specialized meals for those with medically required diets.

Is your loved one lonely?

One of the biggest perks of residing in an assisted living community is the easy access to peers. Lonely or depressed seniors often blossom with the socialization opportunities available within an assisted living community. Most communities offer a busy monthly activity calendar, trips off campus, volunteer opportunities and lifelong learning lectures. Even for residents who are not involved with group activities, there is something wonderful about having staff and neighbors right down the hall.

Is your loved one safe?

Assisted living communities offer safety and peace of mind for residents and their families. If you are concerned about your loved one falling or needing emergency medical access at home, assisted living offers nurses and caregivers onsite twenty four hours per day. Residents receive regular wellness checks, medication management, and quick assistance with anything from personal care to medical concerns. Assisted living communities also sometimes offer onsite physical or occupational therapy services, wound care nurse visits, memory care services, podiatrist visits, or immunization clinics on campus. These services, offered only steps away from your loved one’s apartment, can help to keep your loved one healthy and safe.

Assisted living is the perfect option for an aging adult who might feel more confident with assistance nearby, for a senior who is lonely at home, or for someone who just doesn’t want to clean or cook as much as in the past. If this sounds like your parent, give a few local assisted living communities a call to set up a tour.

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Paul Kelley

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