Senior mother and daughter video chat_Depositphotos_357999400_xl-2015 (2)With Mother’s Day just a few days away — Sunday, May 10 — you may be scratching your head. How can you celebrate Mom while continuing to social distance for her safety?  If your mother is 60 or older, or has an underlying health condition, or both, it’s still important to keep your distance to protect her from coronavirus. 

Here are some ideas to show that you care this weekend, even if Mom is isolating, and even if you’ve procrastinated until now.  

Gifts, cards and flowers

Who doesn’t love to receive a sweet and thoughtful gift from a loved one? If you’re ordering a gift for delivery or drop-off for Mom, just remember to make sure your gift is delivered safely. 

While many businesses are opening up now, keep in mind that people who are at high risk for adverse effects from coronavirus should continue to maintain social distancing. 

If you’re dropping off the gift yourself at your mother’s home, let her know you’re coming. Leave the gift on her doorstep or an agreed-upon location and then step away (at least six feet) to safely greet her when she comes to the door for her gift. Blow some kisses or offer a few “air hugs”! 

If your mother lives in a senior living community, consider dropping off her gift on Saturday, May 9, or scheduling the delivery for that day. Mother’s Day weekend will be very busy with deliveries and gift drop-offs, and the community’s staff will need to sanitize each package before taking it to Mom’s apartment. Delivery on Saturday helps ensure that Mom’s gift arrives in her apartment no later than Sunday, Mother’s Day. 

Creative gifts

Don’t have a gift yet? If you live close enough to deliver the gift, you still have time to come up with something that will lift mom’s spirits. 

Picture it. Take a new, current family photo, print it and place it in a frame or against a piece of colored paper. When we are not able to visit in person, seeing your family’s “quarantine portrait” will be a sweet gift. Residents also love showing off their families and new photos to the staff in our communities, and these photos bring joy to our days as well!

Write a letter. Tell a story about an experience or an occasion you both remember. Writing it down and sharing the memory will provide a lovely reminder of why you love mom (or grandmother) and a tangible keepsake she can read whenever she needs a lift. 

Get crafty. Young children often make Mother’s Day gifts with the help of patient teachers at school and church. Do your own version of this at home and make it fun. Supplies can be as simple as copy paper, colored pens or pencils, and a heartfelt message or a photo of the two of you. 

Make a connection

Many people are talking by phone more than they normally do to connect with friends and family. Help younger children call their grandmother and, if they’re willing, sing a song or read a poem over the phone. The sound of their voice will spark joy for mom; giving the youngsters something to read or sing gives them something easy to accomplish. It will be music to your mother’s ears — even if they are slightly off key! 

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