The Arbor Company knows what it takes to give retired seniors the best care and the most memorable experiences: It takes a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about their roles. However, even the most stable community team can face hard seasons and difficult changes.

Named after one of the founders of The Arbor Company, M.E. Costello, our M.E. Costello Community Advancement Award was created to recognize communities that have faced adversity with poise and grace, cheering one another on as they continue to provide the best care and first-class experience to residents, family members, and the greater community. Criteria for this award hinges on improvement, noting improvements in staff retention, Pinnacle survey results, conversion rates, and NOI.

Our 2019 inaugural winner of the M.E. Costello Community Advancement Award is Arbor Terrace of Athens. This team has worked together and enjoyed a stable history together, serving residents with love and commitment. However, after their long-time Executive Director retired, their team had to rally to find a new rhythm. They did it by internally promoting their star employees, and focusing on what mattered most: resident satisfaction and care.

Led by Ashley Young-Roesler, Melissa Chupp, Peggy Wall, Brittany Lampp, and others, the Arbor Terrace of Athens community has continued to thrive as a staple in the senior care landscape of the Athens, Ga., area. This new executive team has revived their community and inspired their staff to give their best to residents and family members. Residents are happy, healthy, and engaged. Using the Arbor philosophy and adding their own personalized twists based on resident preferences, the Athens team continues to create meaningful moments for their residents every day.

We are proud of the Arbor Terrace of Athens team, and are honored to serve alongside them in the Arbor Company family.

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