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How Assisted Senior Living Changed My Mom's Life

Nov 30, 2018 4:00:00 PM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

In the popular imagination, senior living is a last resort for seniors whose loved ones can’t care for them. In reality, it’s an amazing option for seniors who need a little help, but who still want to maintain their independence. The assisted living community of today is nothing like the nursing home of yesteryear. Assisted senior living supports seniors of all ability levels to reach their goals, live lives of purpose, and remain as healthy as possible for years to come.


A month after the death of her beloved husband, a colonel in the Air Force, Ann’s mother had a sudden stroke. Ann moved her mother in with with her family, including her young child. Their story exemplifies a daughter’s love, including the ways that the right assisted senior living community can show that love.

Ann’s Story: A Daughter’s Love

Ann eventually had seven children. Her mother, who walked 6-7 miles each day, was an active and supportive part of Ann’s busy family life. But the day Ann got a phone call that her mother was walking through an intersection gave Ann pause. She didn’t know much about dementia and her cultural background encouraged her to respect her mother’s independence. So she let it go—until the same incident happened two more times.

When a loved one has dementia, things can change quickly. They can also change so slowly that you don’t notice how difficult they’ve gotten. Ann knew her mother was struggling, but these struggles had become normal. She didn’t realize how much help her mother really needed.

The Challenges of Dementia

Ann’s mother eventually wandered into a busy intersection, fell, and broke two ribs. After a hospital stay followed by time in rehab, Ann knew something had to change. The discharge nurse emphasized to Ann that, as a busy mother working full-time, she just couldn’t give her mother the care and supervision she needed. Ann’s beloved mother was in danger.

Ann spent the next week visiting eight different senior living communities. None felt right, and Ann’s guilt about being unable to care for her mother began mounting.

Finally, a friend directed her to Arbor Terrace Crabapple in Alpharetta. As soon as Ann walked through the door, she knew this was the place for her mother.

“There was just a peaceful calm about it. It didn’t feel like I was dropping my mother off at a hospital or nursing facility. It just felt like I was at almost a vacation resort or a country club,” she explained.

How Senior Living Offered a Better Life

Ann transitioned her mother to Arbor and watched as the community’s staff patiently and lovingly cared for her. A year into the journey, she says she remained confident that she had made the right decision. Her mother was happy, healthy, and safe. Ann was able to continue being a loving daughter, without the stresses of caregiving and without taking time away from her own children.

“They’re a company that is committed to excellence in every area,” she said. “From employee relations, from the president on down. That philosophy filters down and saturates everything underneath it. ... They [are] constantly improving themselves.”

Ann believes so strongly in Arbor that she is now a senior care counselor at one of our communities. She sees herself as a source of vital information to families weighing their options.

“This community has enriched [my mother’s] life. It has pulled her out of her shell,” she said.

Ann knows that other families can find the same relief and support at Arbor. She’s watched seniors embark on a new chapter of joy and meaning. She wants to help the senior in your life do the same. Arbor changes lives every day.

To learn more about your assisted senior living options or to assess whether a senior living community might be right for you or someone you love, check out our assisted living guide.

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