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How to Use an Assisted Living Cost Calculator

Aug 15, 2017 10:53:28 AM / Tami Cumings

How to Use an Assisted Living Cost Calculator

Would you believe that for many seniors across the country, the cost of remaining home is on par with the cost of assisted living? It’s true, and an assisted living cost calculator can show you how by giving you an idea of the costs associated with assisted living.

An assisted living cost calculator can tell you far more than the cost of assisted living. It can also help determine your current expenses and compare them to the cost of various senior care options in your area. The goal is to cut through the fog of confusion that often surrounds senior care costs.

Understand Assisted Living Costs with Assisted Living Cost Calculator

The cost of senior living was among the most common reasons that seniors and their families gave for delaying a move into assisted living in one study — but those financial concerns are often based on misunderstandings. It’s important to consider everything that’s included in the cost of assisted living beyond room and board, but many seniors are scared off by sticker shock.

The cost of assisted living varies greatly across the country, but in many instances assisted living is actually less expensive than remaining at home on a monthly basis.

For seniors who need help with personal care, for example, the median cost of a home health aide alone was $3,861 per month in 2016—while the all-inclusive median cost of assisted living was $3,628 per month.

So, for many seniors who need personal care services, the cost of assisted living is less than remaining at home, even before additional expenses of aging in place are factored in.

Using an Assisted Living Calculator to Determine True Costs

Understanding the true cost of remaining at home is an important part of evaluating different senior care options. However, many seniors mistakenly forget to include key expenses when adding up costs, and that’s where an assisted living cost calculator comes in.

Assisted living cost calculators ensure that often-overlooked expenses such as utilities, groceries, home repairs, home care, landscaping, and homeowners’ insurance, just to name a few, are included in cost-of-living totals. This creates a more accurate financial picture of monthly costs, and it provides a side-by-side comparison of the cost of assisted living vs. the cost of remaining at home.

It’s important to remember assisted living rates are, for the most part, all-inclusive. They include food and nutrition, personal care and support, transportation, housekeeping and laundry services, physical therapy and wellness programs, and social activities and engagement. This not only simplifies seniors’ finances, it also helps them save money and prevent unexpected expenses like home repairs.

Next Steps: Use a Free Assisted Living Cost Calculator Now

An assisted living cost calculator won’t just tell you the cost of assisted living—it’ll also help gauge the cost of remaining at home. That helps to create a more accurate financial picture to help find a senior care option that not only meets your individual needs, but also fits within your budget. Get started by using our free Assisted Living Cost Calculator today.

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Tami Cumings

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