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Moving to Assisted Living: 4 Things You May Be Forgetting to Think About

Feb 28, 2018 6:00:00 AM / Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith

Moving to Assisted Living: 4 Things You May Be Forgetting to Think About

Are you preparing to move into your new assisted living community home? Congratulations! While this transition can seem daunting at first, you are close to enjoying a lifestyle and amenities that will keep you healthier, happier and more engaged. The key to a smooth transition to your new home is a smooth move-in process. With a bit of preparation, thoughtful packing and a positive attitude, you will soon be able to feel settled in your new home.

Pack Well

Now that you know which community you are moving into and when you will be moving, you can begin the packing process. Certainly, packing up your current home or apartment is quite the task. Set yourself up for success by giving yourself ample time to pack, and do so with help. Call a few friends or trusted family members to assist you in the packing process. Spread out the process over a few weeks, and with a few extra helping hands, you can pack up without too much stress.

As you pack, remember that you don’t need to bring everything. Work with the measurements of your new home and a tape measure, ensuring that the furniture you want to bring will fit nicely in the new space. In the process of downsizing, you may find yourself selling or donating extra pieces of furniture that won’t fit well in your new home. This also goes for other items that you may not need. For example, can you cut down on your collection of serving platters or large pieces of cookware? Not only will you not need them in your new home, thanks to a staff of experienced chefs who are cooking you three delicious meals per day, you simply may not have room in your new kitchen cupboards. Opt to only take a few of your favorites and donate or sell the rest.

Pare down on extra sets of linens for guest rooms or spare bathrooms, choosing instead to bring a smaller number to your new apartment. As you sift through your belongings, remember to bring along items that you love, while not being hesitant to donate those things that you don’t. An apartment that’s too full can feel cluttered; choose instead to pack your favorite items only.

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Plan Your Finances

As you prepare to move, take time to double-check your finances. Change your address for friends and family, as well as on your bank account and checkbook. In fact, you may even consider changing banks if there is a bank onsite in your new assisted living community. The convenience of having a bank only steps away from your apartment is awfully tempting for many senior living residents.

Ensure that your bank statements, retirement checks, and other correspondence will be mailed to your new home. While you are making those important calls, it is also a great time to review your secondary contacts and change those as necessary, as well.

Plan the Actual Move

Finally, now that you are packed and your bills are heading to your new address, it is time to get the big move-in day planned. To make the day go smoothly, work with your new assisted living community to secure a move-in date and time frame. Ask where moving vehicles can park to unload and if there is a designated elevator for you to use for your items. Once you have this important information, you can find a moving company that is experienced with moving seniors; if you do not know of one, ask your new assisted living community, as staff there are sure to have excellent recommendations.

Prepare for Your New Home

Finally, prepare for your new home. Plan for a few family members to help you during move-in day as you get settled and unpack boxes. Give yourself the chance to show off your new apartment by planning a low-key coffee date with a few friends the first weekend in your new home. Hosting at your new home not only gives you the motivation to get those boxes unpacked, but also offers you the chance to show off your new place!

Finally, to ease the transition to your new home, be sure you are getting involved with community life as quickly as possible. Go to dinner in the dining room, introduce yourself to your neighbors, attend an activity—you will find that your fellow residents are friendly and ready to help you feel welcome. Good luck with your move!

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