Residents of three senior living communities operated by The Arbor Company starred in music videos created as part of a six-week challenge for members of the Engagement staff.

The videos feature residents at the independent living building at Arbor Terrace at Hamilton Mill:

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Arbor Terrace Sudley Manor: 

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and Arbor Terrace Naperville.

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Currently, many of the activities and programs that residents of The Arbor Company’s senior living communities enjoy are restricted or temporarily discontinued in the interest of safety. To better serve residents, The Arbor Company’s corporate Engagement team conducted a small survey of more than 50 residents in six Arbor Company communities. The survey revealed that residents particularly missed opportunities to exercise and get moving, previously available through group exercise classes. To help get the creative juices flowing and better serve residents, the team launched the 2020 Engaged Lifestyle Contest.

“Our Engagement team members have worked incredibly hard to keep residents engaged and active despite these COVID-19 restrictions,” said Laura Ellen Christian, senior vice president, Engagement and Dementia Training. “But six months into the pandemic, we felt the need to re-spark creativity.” 

The contest is an annual event that took on new meaning and urgency this year in light of the realities of COVID-19. Launched Aug. 5, the six-week challenge focused on six aspects of engagement. Each week kicked off with an episode of Senior Living LIVE, a video interview highlighting an Arbor community resident, as well as a Zoom gathering of Engagement directors across the company. 

“Another goal of the contest was to keep all of our communities connected,” said Christian. “With the need to limit outside visitors, it’s easy for each community to feel as if it’s in its own bubble. This was a way of getting excited and sharing what each community has tried and what has worked.” 

The first week of the contest focused on the importance of purpose in the lives of residents and featured a Kindness Campaign. For the second week, which centered on arts and education, each participating community organized a community artist art project, with every resident having the chance to contribute.  For example, one community invited each resident to create a colorful feather, and the feathers were assembled into a beautiful, giant wing.  

The fifth week focused on health and wellness. To encourage team members to get residents up and active, communities were invited to produce a music video. 

“Our team took a vote and chose Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody as the music for the videos,” said Christian. “The challenge was to go out and create video montages of residents and staff members moving to the music.” 

Engagement directors also got in on the action during their kickoff Zoom meeting; watch them grooving to the music here. 

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