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What Are My Options for Senior Living in Georgia?

Jun 6, 2019 5:11:00 AM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

A few generations ago, seniors contemplating retirement had frustratingly few options. They could live at home, move in with their kids, or roll the dice and move into a nursing home, uncertain about the type of care they would receive. Today’s seniors have already changed society a lot. From protesting injustices to demanding greater equality for all groups, they’ve now turned their attention to revolutionizing the aging process. They want better senior living solutions, and increasingly, they’re getting them. Seniors retiring in Georgia now have a number of great options for senior living.


Remaining at Home

The overwhelming majority of seniors say they want to live at home for as long as possible. They have strong ties to their homes and communities, and may have spent a lifetime building memories at home. The benefits of living at home are obvious, but what’s less obvious are the challenges. Seniors who want to live at home may face the following challenges:

  • Staying active when they no longer drive.
  • Relying on loved ones or paid in-home caregivers for help and support.
  • Loneliness.
  • Fewer options for fun and affordable activities, especially when they do not live in cities with good public transportation.
  • Maintaining the home.
  • The budgetary challenges of living at home. To compare the costs of living at home to those of senior living, click here.

Independent Senior Living

Independent living combines everything that’s great about staying at home—independence, privacy, a chance to decorate your home as you see fit, continuing to live life on your terms—with the peace of mind that comes from knowing help is there when you need it.

The best independent senior living communities offer:

  • Friendly, welcoming, exceptionally trained staff who are there to help you when you need them.
  • A group of diverse seniors who, like you, want to lead lives of purpose.
  • Myriad daily activities, such as exercise classes.
  • Special events such as live music and community celebrations.
  • Excursions out of the community, such as to sporting events or wineries.
  • Support for your loved ones.
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and virtually anywhere else you need to go locally.

Independent living is a great option for seniors who:

  • Want to remain active and independent but worry about living alone.
  • Struggle with loneliness, isolation, or finding things to do.
  • No longer drive.
  • Want to live among a community of like-minded active seniors.
  • Want to join a community that offers support when they need it.

Assisted Living

Assisted living extends additional support to seniors who need help with the tasks of daily living, such as grooming or preparing meals.

Assisted living is great for seniors who:

  • Can no longer live independently without help.
  • Do not want in-home care, or to rely on a family caregiver.
  • Want to remain as independent as possible, in spite of physical limitations.
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Memory Care

Memory care builds on the assisted living model, but caters to seniors with dementia and other cognitive issues. Memory care communities keep seniors active and safe, tailoring daily activities to the unique needs of seniors with dementia. Memory care is the perfect option for:

  • Seniors with moderate to severe dementia.
  • Seniors who can no longer safely live alone.
  • Seniors with dementia who have begun to wander out of their homes without knowing why or where they’re going.

Memory care can be a great option for seniors who:

  • Struggle with executive function or memory, but who hope to remain active.
  • Need lots of help with daily activities.
  • Don’t want to rely on family caregivers.
  • Feel anxious, depressed, or angry about dementia symptoms.

Nursing Care

Nursing care offers specialized assistance to seniors with complex medical needs. For example, a senior who breaks a hip might temporarily need nursing care. Many seniors who transition to nursing care can often transition back to another senior living option once an acute medical crisis has passed. Arbor works with many local nursing communities to offer a continuum of services to the seniors we serve.

Senior Living Options in Georgia: The Arbor Difference

Georgia is a great place to retire, boasting low taxes, a booming arts and film scene, unique cities such as Atlanta, Dahlonega, and Savannah, and a rich culture filled with performing arts, incredible museums, and historical attractions. Arbor’s Georgia communities allow seniors to enjoy all that Georgia has to offer.

The Arbor Company’s exceptional independent living communities allow seniors the chance to age in place, by offering a continuum of care that includes assisted living and memory care. We also contract with companies that can provide extra assistance to our independent living seniors as needed. Our active senior living communities offer a chance to live the retirement of your dreams at a surprisingly affordable price. Arbor also proudly offers assisted living communities that are connected to our independent living communities. This allows seniors to age in place, transitioning to more care and support when they need it.

You only get one retirement. Make it count. Arbor knows that you can’t predict the future. That’s why we offer a range of senior living solutions for seniors of varying needs, often in a single community. To learn more about the Arbor difference, give us a call or stop by one of our communities to attend a special event.

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