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The 6 Best Reasons to Consider a Senior Living Community

Dec 15, 2015 1:00:00 PM / Rebecca Smith Rebecca Smith


Are you on the fence about whether to live in a senior living community? It certainly is a major life decision and an important investment in your aging lifestyle. However, if you are looking for just a few reasons why considering a senior living community can benefit you in the short and long term, check out a few of our favorite reasons.

Downsizing your home and making an active choice on where you wish to spend your retirement years is a privilege; don’t wait until you are in the midst of a health crisis to hurry through such an important decision. Consider a senior living situation sooner than later, especially because of these reasons.

Your Health

First and foremost, senior living communities offer the chance for you to age in a more healthy way than if you were living at home.These communities often offer the opportunity for regular on-site doctor visits and should have medical professionals available to assist you with any questions or checks that you may need. Senior living communities also offer lectures and presentations that are geared to providing you with reliable information that can assist you in making healthier life choices. A senior living community lifestyle often includes the opportunity for vaccination clinic, osteoporosis screenings, and other preventative health events that are focused on keeping you out of the hospital or emergency room, all in the comfort of a home community.

Your Safety

Beyond your physical health, senior living communities are focused on keeping you safe. Whether you are want assurance that someone is always only a few steps away in case you fall in your apartment, or if want the security of knowing that intruders or unsavory solicitors are not allowed near your door, senior living communities offer 24 hour security to keep you safe and sound. Finally, an independent senior living community that also offers assisted living and memory care can provide you the calm of knowing that no matter what cognitive or physical decline may begin later in your life, you are surrounded by professionals who already know you and can care for your more complex needs.

Your Neighbors

Socialization is imperative in life, especially in your senior years. But living at home alone or with a partner can make it difficult to get out and about on a daily basis to hang out with friends and new acquaintances. In a senior living community, your apartment is one of many down your hall or in your building. Each neighbor is a new friend waiting to be discovered, a new memory ready to be made with just a knock or introduction. Nurturing a support system of your peers can offer you encouragement, support, friendship, and shared experiences that will benefit everyone involved.

Your Lifestyle

Senior living communities offer a lifestyle of amenities that are similar to a hotel. Regular housekeeping, available transportation, and on-site banking are just a few opportunities that you can easily find in many senior living communities. The community itself also offers an environment that makes it impossible to be bored - swimming pools, gardens, libraries, computer labs, craft rooms, and social lounges are just around the corner. Forget about mowing your lawn or taking the garbage out on a wintry day - you can spend your time doing much better things!

Your Nutrition

Speaking of eliminating daily chores, you can cross off preparing three meals a day from your to-do list. Instead, senior living communities offer dining experiences full of nutritious entrees prepared by chefs who work with specialized diets to keep you as healthy as possible. Most communities offer many choices, and some even incorporate your favorite recipes or selections into the menu or give you an opportunity to help out in the kitchen yourself, if you want to.

Your Opportunities

Finally, whether you consider yourself a social butterfly or not, good senior living communities offer a wide variety of programs, events, and trips that are tailor made to suit the interests of the residents who live at the community. Activity professionals plan a calendar of events that are planned to keep your body and mind sharp, and your emotional health in tact. Instead of planning the intricacies of the parties, you can simply attend them and enjoy yourself.

It’s time to get off the fence and make a decision - confidently - that senior living communities are the perfect option for your next years. You’ll be glad you did!

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Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca is the Regional Vice President of Sales at The Arbor Company.

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