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Top 5 Benefits of Moving South for Retirement

Jun 4, 2019 8:16:00 AM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

Retirement is a chance to do all the things you’ve had on your bucket list for years. Forget about commuting to work every day, and spend your time sipping coffee over a favorite book, followed by some yoga in the garden you grew yourself. If your retirement dreams include warmer weather, you’re not alone. Retirees are flocking south, and for good reason. The South is a thriving region, full of friendly people, excellent facilities, and plenty to do. Here are the top five benefits of moving to the south for retirement.

More Favorable Tax Environments

Many Southern states have enacted legislation that allows people to keep more of their paychecks. Georgia offers a tax deduction of $65,000 per person over the age of 65, and does not tax Social Security benefits. Sales taxes remain low in the region, and some states, such as Florida, have no state income tax at all.

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If you invest in a beautiful home in the South, your property taxes might be a major source of taxation. But many Southern cities offer tax discounts to seniors. Decatur, a popular suburb of Atlanta, offers a homestead exemption to seniors, and many nearby cities have followed suit.

Excellent Economies

The South is a diverse region, offering opportunities for people from a wide range of backgrounds to thrive. Georgia’s economy is ranked the ninth best in the nation, with low unemployment and plentiful jobs in a variety of sectors. If you hope to work part time or lure family to the area, jobs are a key attraction. Healthcare, tech, arts and film, and hospitality are booming in the South.

Warmer Weather

Warm weather may be the antidote to many minor health problems. Cold weather can exacerbate arthritis pain and other joint ailments, while warmer climates offer relief. Sunnier regions may also boost your mood, especially for seniors who struggle with cold-weather-related seasonal affective disorder.

Warmer weather means less time spent indoors, too, which can mean more opportunities to get moving. Exercise remains one of the best things you can do for your health.

The South offers virtually endless outdoor activity options, from golfing at the legendary Chateau Elan Winery to tubing down Georgia’s beloved Chattahoochee River. Spend a weekend boating just outside of Savannah, or lay out in the sun and watch the grandkids play on Amelia Island.

Lots to Do

People unfamiliar with the New South may think the region has nothing but farms and cattle. Nothing could be further from the truth. The South has become a cultural center, offering a wide range of activities and cultural touchpoints. Atlanta is sometimes dubbed Yallywood because of its massive film industry. It’s also a hub for the music industry, especially for rap, R&B, and pop acts. You’ll find plenty of incredible attractions, such as:

  • Stunning student art exhibitions at the Savannah campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
  • World-class musical performances at the Atlanta Opera and Atlanta Symphony Hall
  • A lively comedy scene, such as the hilarious improv at Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta
  • A wide range of plays and performing arts, including up-and-coming acts at the Cherokee Arts Center

Access to Great Healthcare

The South is home to some of the best medical centers in the country. Newsweek recently named Emory University Hospital a “Top 100 Global Hospital,” thanks to its innovative research, exceptional patient care, and commitment to improving quality of life no matter what ailments a person faces. Emory boasts a world-class cognitive health clinic that regularly offers research studies and cutting-edge treatments for people living with dementia. Further south in Savannah, Memorial Health University Medical Center is one of the region’s top geriatric hospitals.

No matter your age or level of ability, there is a wide range of incredible senior living solutions in the South. The Arbor Company has served seniors for 30 years. We would love to help you plan the perfect Southern retirement. To learn more, give us a call, or stop by to enjoy one of our many community events.

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