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When Is It the Right Time to Move to Assisted Living?

Jan 26, 2017 1:00:00 PM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

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Have you started daydreaming about a change in your living situation? Perhaps you have noticed neighbors or friends who have moved into senior living communities, or maybe you are struggling with loneliness, medical issues, or household chores. If you’ve picked up a brochure from a local senior care community or visited a friend who lives in one, you may be wondering when to move to assisted living. While the decision to move to an assisted living community is a very personal one based on your own unique situation, there are a few signs that could point to your readiness for a positive change in your life.

You are feeling lonely.

One of the biggest benefits of living in a senior community is the socialization opportunities. With friends and neighbors who live only steps down the hall, you are more likely to jump into a conversation or meet a new friendly face. Multiple research studies have shown that isolation and loneliness in seniors can lead to a litany of physical and cognitive issues, including more progressive signs of dementia and an increased chance of depression. Combat these issues by resisting the urge to isolate yourself, alone in your home.

If you are feeling lonely more often, now might be the time to move to assisted living. A full and engaging activity calendar, new friends, and friendly staff members are waiting for you.

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You are anxious or nervous about your medical needs.

Another benefit to living in assisted living is the 24-hour staffing model that assures you that you are safe, no matter your medical condition. If you find yourself with poor balance or a fear of falling, or with a new medication regimen that you are nervous to handle alone, assisted living is the answer to your anxiety. Staff members are readily available to manage your medication, answer your emergency calls, or offer extra assistance with your daily routine tasks such as toileting or dressing.

Peace of mind is easily worth your rent payment so that you and your family can rest a bit easier knowing friendly and experienced help is just down the hall.

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You would love to try new things in your area.

Assisted living communities often offer transportation throughout your community for errands and for leisure. If you're not driving anymore, or if you are but would like a few travel companions, assisted living can solve your problems and get you out on the town. Assisted living communities offer a full activity calendar full of engaging events on campus as well as out in the city or area you live in. Take advantage of seeing a show in a nearby city or taking a walking tour of a national park; you will love the change of scenery and meeting new friends. The best part: You don’t have to worry about fighting the traffic and driving home. Just sit back, relax, and reflect on your fun trip.

You don’t want to cook for one any longer.

If you find that cooking for just yourself has caused your diet to be made up of processed foods or fast-food takeout, consider taking advantage of assisted living. Most assisted living communities offer three meals per day, served in a social dining room and prepared by experienced chefs. You’ll love chatting with your neighbors and selecting nutritious meals.

The lifestyle you will experience in assisted living gives you the chance to ditch most household chores, like cleaning or landscaping, and allows you to spend that time focused on new activities that you love. You will love the extra help you get from friendly housekeepers, dining staff, and maintenance; assisted living team members are ready to help you out and get to know you better.

Is it time for you to consider moving to assisted living? A new home with great friends, fulfilling experiences, and peace of mind awaits.

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