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Florida gets all the attention as a retirement hub, but Atlanta offers just as much as our southern neighbors, if not more, for seniors. No city in the South offers more culture, history, and diversity than Atlanta does. Seniors who want to stay active and make the most of every day will have no trouble finding something to do in our wonderful capital.

Atlanta also offers a wide variety of senior living communities, including assisted living options. However, just because our city is great doesn’t mean that every senior community is. And if you or your loved one plan to take advantage of all Atlanta has to offer, you should do so from the comfort and luxury of a truly outstanding community. Here is a guide to finding the best assisted living in Atlanta.

Assisted Living Defined

Senior living can mean different things to different people. Firmly establishing what assisted living entails is important as you search for a community that meets your needs and the needs of your loved ones. At the Arbor Company, we define assisted living as a community in which residents receive some sort of assistance based on their individual abilities and needs. The assistance provided naturally depends upon the resident—it could be as minimal as help with housework and chores or as advanced as help with activities of daily life (ADLs), care from a skilled nurse, and administration of medication. Or, it could be somewhere within this spectrum.

Assisted living isn’t the stereotypical view of nursing homes in which residents are unengaged and, well, bored. Instead, assisted living recognizes that although seniors may need help with some things on a daily basis, they still can be active, independent, and engaged.  

What Makes a ‘Great’ Assisted Living Community?

First and foremost, the best assisted living communities feature dedicated, quality caregivers who put residents first. Staffers should come to work every day with a primary goal of enriching the lives of the seniors they serve. The best communities continually provide training to their employees that ultimately benefits residents as well.

Beyond the quality of care, what attributes and amenities comprise great assisted living? Here are some:

  • Exercise options: The best communities offer fitness classes (possibly including yoga and tai chi) geared toward seniors and wellness centers featuring exercise equipment such as stationary bikes and free weights.
  • Restaurant-style dining: Residents sit down with friends, order outstanding chef-prepared meals, and enjoy a dining experience similar to what they would get at a nice restaurant.
  • Elegant community spaces: Neighborhood living rooms, terraces and patios, gardens—top-notch assisted living offers places for residents to relax and socialize with friends.
  • Cozy living spaces: The best communities feature apartments that feel like home.
  • Transportation services: Residents who want to get out and about, especially in a vibrant city such as Atlanta, are able to do so even if they can’t drive anymore.
  • Security and safety: At outstanding assisted living communities, residents’ safety and health are of the utmost priority.

Assisted Living in Atlanta

Dozens of assisted living communities are spread across the metro Atlanta region. Finding one for you or your loved one’s needs can be a challenge, especially because no two communities are alike. Do your homework as you look into the various options. Visit communities you think might be good fits, ask plenty of questions, and judge for yourself. Do residents look engaged? Are the grounds well maintained? Do the apartments feel homey or more like hospital rooms?

Another consideration is how close to Atlanta an assisted living community is located. If your loved one wants to continue experiencing the sights, sounds, and activities of our city, then you may not want to choose a community 40 miles away.

Arbor Terrace at Cascade is a perfect example of premier assisted living in Atlanta. Located in southwest Atlanta, Arbor Terrace provides residents unique and personalized care and attention tailored to where they are and what they need most. Our beautiful grounds offer places to garden with friends, take a leisurely stroll, or just relax and enjoy the perfect Georgia weather. But don’t take our word for it: Schedule a visit and see for yourself.

Shay Martin-Williams

About the Author: Shay Martin-Williams

With a MBA/Health Administration degree, Shay has over 15 years of experience in healthcare. She is a resource and advocate for seniors.

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