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Senior Living Options What Makes a Great Senior Living Community in Atlanta?

As the home of the civil rights movement, host to the 1996 Olympics, and a hub of technology and industry, Atlanta is one of the most diverse and active communities in the nation. Seniors are rapidly flocking to this sprawling metropolis. It’s now the nation’s most rapidly aging city. Senior living in Atlanta opens doors to new activities, new friendships, and new skills. Here’s how to choose the perfect community for your needs.

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Senior Living Options Atlanta Senior Living: Finding the Best Community for a Loved One

Remaining in the home becomes more difficult over time for both aging loved ones and their family caregivers, which leads many families to turn to Atlanta senior living to help their loved ones thrive, not just get by.

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Community News Senior Living Story Series: Wendy's Story

Growing up on a dairy farm in New England, Wendy learned the importance of a strong work ethic from her parents. But when Wendy was 16 and a junior in high school, she lost her mother and had to start all over again, relocating to live with her aunt and uncle. “It was really, really hard for us. And we had to start over again in a new town.” Throughout her life, Wendy has embodied one value that her parents instilled in her—unconditional love. She has held various jobs in finance, worked for a real estate developer, and even done interior decorating—but her true calling came when she applied for a position at a senior living community.

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Team Spotlight Senior Living Story Series: Reggie's Story

Only three days after arriving to work at the Renaissance, Reggie injured his knee and was on crutches for six to seven weeks. One day while at home rehabbing his knee, he received a phone call telling him to get well and come back. “If they barely know me and want me, this is a place I want to work. This is where I want to be,” Isaac says. “Like a hand and a glove, it was a fit—and I’ve been here 23 years.”

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Team Spotlight Senior Living Story Series: Isaac's Story

Since Isaac was a young boy, his dream was to come to the United States. While working as a bellboy in Costa Rica, one day he asked a friend if he knew of any work in the United States. Luckily, his friend had an opportunity for him—and it was the kind that would change Isaac’s life forever.

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Resident Spotlight Senior Living Story Series: Charlotte's Story

Born in Jacksonville during the heart of the Great Depression, Charlotte Osgood worked as hard as she could despite poor schools and living in segregated areas. Her father was a barber and in 1948 opened up his first barbershop, which was across from City Hall and the courthouse. The shop was very successful, and the family moved into their first home when Charlotte was 9 years old. Charlotte spent her entire life living in Jacksonville with her husband, but when he passed the house became too much to handle. That’s when Charlotte visited her daughter in Atlanta, found The Renaissance—and met Anna..

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Resident Spotlight Senior Living Story Series: Leonard’s Story

When he was eligible for the draft during the Korean War, Leonard was sent to the University of Oklahoma for technical school and then off to England. Leonard grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, to a middle-lower class family, but it wasn’t until he traveled abroad that he developed his “world view.” Meeting people from different cultures and different parts of the world would change Leonard’s life forever.

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Resident Spotlight Senior Living Story Series: The Rosses’ Choice for Independent Living

We all have stories about those moments that helped shape us into the people we are and where we choose to go in life. For Brandt and Jenny Ross, the story of their marriage started with what in today’s dollars would be the rough equivalent of $2,500 in cookware.

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