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6 Senior Living Amenities You Can’t Get at Home

Does your retirement dream include mowing your yard, cleaning out your gutters, and spending hours cleaning your large home? Most older adults dream of using their retirement to pursue favorite hobbies, learn new things, volunteer with a passion project, and relax. There’s no time for lawn maintenance and cleaning the house when your retirement includes travel and extra time with friends!

Senior living communities can offer you or your loved one retirement with amenities that no one can get in their own home. Here are just a few luxury senior living amenities that may surprise you.

Concierge Service

Exceptional senior living communities offer concierge service, giving residents an easy way to book trips, inquire about transportation services, and even pay for friends who are visiting the dining room for brunch. Having access to concierge services also means that residents never have to worry about waiting by their apartment door to sign for a package.

Transportation Service

Need to run out to a physician’s appointment or to the grocery store but don’t want to deal with Marietta traffic? Residents in senior living communities have access to safe and reliable transportation services that are provided regularly throughout the week. Even better, the transportation is by way of a community bus that is accessible and is driven by friendly staff who know and care for the residents.

Delicious, Chef-Prepared Meals

Cooking for one can be overwhelming and cumbersome for older adults who live at home alone. Senior living communities offer three meals per day, served in a bustling and joyful dining room. Meals are planned and prepared down to the last delicious detail by chefs who know and care for the residents they serve. Don’t forget to invite a friend or family member to join you in the dining room the next time they visit!

Coordinated Events and Activities

Senior living communities are vibrant and social, with many daily opportunities to meet a new friend. Perhaps one of the best amenities that comes with choosing senior living is the easy access to events and activities that are designed to keep residents feeling connected with others. You can find live concerts, history lectures, movie nights, yoga classes, and more listed on the community’s activity calendar.

Organized Trips and Outings

Venture out to explore the Marietta area with organized trips and outings. You won’t have to worry about fighting traffic or choosing where to park. Instead, jump on a bus with your friends to talk as you dine at local restaurants, drive to favorite trail systems for a walk, or enjoy a visit to an Atlanta museum. Exceptional senior living communities dedicate an entire department to planning and executing successful and meaningful events and trips for residents.

Wellness Services

Residents in senior living communities have easy access to outstanding wellness services, including friendly caregivers and nurses. Staff is available to help residents communicate with physicians, review medications, or lend a helping hand, all of which can keep residents feeling healthy for longer than if they lived at home. Outpatient therapy services are also offered right on-site, meaning that residents don’t have to leave to get the services they need to feel strong.

At Arbor Terrace of East Cobb, our residents enjoy luxury amenities every day. Thanks to our award-winning dining program, our exceptional wellness services, and our dedication to peer connection via events and trips, our residents feel right at home. If you have been curious about senior living, now is the time to begin learning more about the amenities you can enjoy when you invest in community living.

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Cynthia Smith

About the Author: Cynthia Smith

I’ve been a part of The Arbor family for 11 years. It is a blessing to be able to serve the residents, families, and staff of Arbor Terrace of East Cobb. I’m excited to make this the best experience for our wonderful residents. I look forward to the stories and hugs our residents like to share. I believe in the Arbor Standard; we truly Listen, Care, and Respond!