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Ruth Wilson

Finding ways to connect with residents in meaningful ways is critical during these times, which mean birthdays are even more special at Arbor Terrace East Cobb. The July 30th celebration for Ruth Wilson, was one for the record books.

She enjoyed her special celebration with staff, friends and virtual family, complete with cake, balloons and a crown fit for birthday royalty. Ruth was born in South Point, Ohio, on July 30, 1924, just five years prior to the start of the Great Depression. She later married Harry Robert Wilson and they had three children: Lynda, Steven and Shari. Now a great-great grandmother, Ruth recalls her two most significant career paths.

“I had an early career as a model for Merle Norman Cosmetics, but I am also proud to have served in the U.S. Army as a nurse at the end of World War II,” said Ruth.

Pleased and somewhat amused by today’s technology, Ruth loves the fact that cell phones, iPads, and iN2L smart technology make it so much easier to communicate with her family virtually.

“Ruth gets tickled every time she sees her daughter’s face using any of these forms of technology, and this has been especially the case during COVID-19,” said Shirlene Smalls, engagement director. “What a wonderful feeling this brings not only to Ruth, but to our staff as well, as we are able to see her joy.”

It is a pleasure to have Ruth and residents like her as part of the Arbor East Cobb family. The staff looks forward to spending many more birthdays to come with her.

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