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Myths about Senior Living Communities

The baby boomer generation has changed the world, and specific industries, ever since they were born. It’s no wonder that the senior living industry has been scrambling to anticipate their needs even before the first boomer turned 65. But with the boomers now numbering more than 70 million, senior living communities find themselves with plenty of boomer residents.

Unfortunately, senior living communities have to educate boomers about what retirement looks like these days. The days of clinical and bleak nursing homes are gone, but there are still some common myths circulating that are simply not true. Here are some common misconceptions about senior care, along with what’s really happening inside senior living communities.

Senior Living Is Expensive

Older adults, including boomers, are financially savvy and have worked their entire lives to steward their money well. Though senior living may have been expensive or required a hefty buy-in investment fee only a decade ago, communities are now very reasonably priced and can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

Communities today typically charge a monthly fee that includes more than just a spacious apartment. Depending on the specific community, that monthly fee can also include utilities, transportation access, meals, and luxury amenities like concierge services. When most seniors eliminate the costs associated with living at home, such as a mortgage, insurance, utilities, and meals, they can easily see the affordability of an inclusive monthly fee at a senior living community.

Curious about how your monthly costs compare with a monthly fee? Use our cost calculator to compare.

Senior Living Is Boring

This myth could be one of the most common, as well as one of the furthest from the truth! Senior living communities are full of hustle and bustle, offering residents engaging activities to enjoy throughout the day. Assisted living communities, for example, offer multiple daily activities that can include anything from yoga classes to book club discussions to cooking classes.

Senior living communities recognize the health benefits of socialization and offer many ways for residents to feel connected to one another. Residents can choose which events and activities interest them, connect over meals, or simply say hello in the hall.

The Food Is Terrible

Senior living communities are hardly passing out trays of unappetizing food. In fact, many exceptional communities have trained chefs who prepare multiple entree choices per meal, all seasoned to perfection. It’s not uncommon to see a chef in the dining room offering tableside preparation of desserts on special occasions or to see a resident’s family-favorite recipe featured on the day’s menu.

Chefs working in senior living communities delight in finding recipes that are healthy and delicious for the residents they serve. Even better, food is served in a dining room that offers the chance to share a conversation with friends in between bites.

Only Sick People Choose Senior Living

Senior living communities are full of unique residents, each with their own personality, preferences, and challenges. Many seniors today are choosing senior living in order to have easy access to resources and support designed to keep them healthy and happy. It’s quite common to see very healthy and active seniors strolling the halls of even assisted living communities, as they know the benefit of peace of mind that comes with knowing a helping hand is always right down the hall.

Gone are the days when a move into senior living was preempted by a hospital crisis. Instead, seniors are choosing senior living prior to a decline in health because of the community’s focus on wellness. From fitness centers to on-site therapy services, senior living communities are designed to give residents the opportunities they need to live their best life.

See for Yourself

At Arbor Terrace of East Cobb, we love showing visitors our community because it is so much fun to give them a glimpse into what life is really like in an assisted living or dementia care community. People are surprised by more than just the affordability and the restaurant-style meals; they are surprised by how genuinely happy and healthy our residents are. Thanks to our team of dedicated employees who are devoted to getting to know every resident in our community, Arbor Terrace feels like home.

Learn more about our community today. We’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your loved one.

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