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How Assisted Living Is Different at Arbor Terrace

Envision your ideal retirement. Whether this portrait includes vineyards and wine, curling up in a chair with a cat and a good book, or traveling the world and skydiving, it probably didn’t include health problems. When you struggle with tasks of daily living, worry about the safety of living at home, or face a serious diagnosis, it can feel like the end of your dreams. Assisted living offers a viable option for meeting your health needs while still living out your retirement plans.

As the nation’s premier senior living company, Arbor understands the needs of seniors better than anyone. We get that sometimes your abilities don’t match up with your desires. It’s easy to feel trapped in this situation. We offer freedom, dignity, and a retirement that can still live up to your fantasies. At Arbor Terrace, seniors get the help they need in a place that prioritizes lives of joy and meaning. Here’s what sets us apart.

Stunning Homes

Now that you’re retired, you can finally enjoy your home. Too often, though, that means tending to broken pipes, leaky roofs, and overgrown garden beds. Homeownership can be exhausting. At Arbor, you get all the pleasures of a lovely home, without any of the hassles of homeownership. Hate cleaning? We can do it for you. Crave a lush garden? Stroll around our elegant grounds. Enjoy life in a modern, efficient space. Learn more about our floor plans here.

Exceptional Amenities

What does a good day look like to you? No matter what you’re into, Arbor can accommodate it. We boast a robust calendar of special activities and events — yoga classes, chair aerobics, birthday and holiday celebrations, live music, classes, and so much more. Though we think you’ll love being able to take a few steps down the hall to do something fun, we also know that everyone gets cabin fever. That’s why we also provide safe, friendly transportation and field trips to community events and activities.

Gourmet Dining

Food is one of life’s most profound pleasures. Whether it’s a delectable cheese board, a fine wine, or comfort foods like Southern greens, food is more than just fuel for your body. Yet for many seniors, food preparation becomes a hassle. There’s the expense of grocery shopping, the challenge of preparing your own food, and the high prices associated with fine dining. For seniors with health concerns, there’s often another issue: You may have unique dietary needs, but be unsure of how to meet those needs — especially while still enjoying the food you love. Arbor makes eating fun again. If you love cooking, then great; you can continue doing so in our flawlessly designed kitchens. If you've had enough, then enjoy meals in our gorgeous dining room. No matter what special needs you have, we’ll find a way to accommodate them, without sacrificing flavor. 

For seniors with cognitive impairments or eating difficulties, our Dining with DignityⓇ program can bring back the joy of dining. We cater to your needs and abilities no matter what they are, and as your lifestyle changes, so does our approach. 

A Continuum of Care

Life is full of surprises. At Arbor, we’re ready for all of them. We offer a continuum of care that allows you to remain in a community you love, even if your needs shift. Our unique Bridges program supports seniors with mild to moderate dementia who want to retain as much independence as possible. As dementia progresses, our dementia care community offers a safe environment with activities tailored to the unique needs of seniors with cognitive disabilities. No matter what you’re facing, we’re here for you.

If you’re considering assisted living in Marietta, we hope you’ll check us out. We offer a wide range of community events where you can get to know our community, our residents, and our values. Give us a call to learn more, or check our events calendar!

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Cynthia Smith

About the Author: Cynthia Smith

I’ve been a part of The Arbor family for 11 years. It is a blessing to be able to serve the residents, families, and staff of Arbor Terrace of East Cobb. I’m excited to make this the best experience for our wonderful residents. I look forward to the stories and hugs our residents like to share. I believe in the Arbor Standard; we truly Listen, Care, and Respond!