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Resident-Spotlight- Shirley-Dobbins

For 87-year-old Shirley Dobbins, retirement means a chance to live life on her own terms. The former Lockheed employee says she relishes the chance to embrace a low-pressure lifestyle, setting her own schedule instead of answering to a boss. That’s why she chose Arbor for the next chapter of her life. Arbor believes in helping seniors find purpose and fulfillment as they transition to life’s next act. We build deep connections relationship by relationship. These connections set our community apart. Shirley is just one of the many residents who make our East Cobb community so very special.

Meet Shirley Dobbins 

Shirley knew she wanted a retirement that was all her own. An avid gardener, she relishes active living, and knew she could continue her active lifestyle at Arbor. She’s a spectacular cook and sings in her church choir. She’s also a pianist at her church, and an avid student of the Bible. 

“Shirley is full of energy,” gushes her daughter-in-law, Helen. “She loves God and people. She is a great musician and a huge gift to so many. This theme echoes in everything Shirley does and every relationship she has.” 

“She taught me music, which is something I’ll never give up,“ says Katrina, her grandchild. “She took care of me when I was small. She made me smile, laugh, and live to my fullest.” 

Shirley explains that she likes the chance to meet new people at Arbor. But one of her most cherished relationships is also one of her oldest. Hattie, an elementary school pal, is at Arbor with her, and it’s one of the things Shirley likes best about her retirement. 

Advice for Retirement 

Shirley has found a way to live the retirement of her dreams, forging new relationships while recommitting to old ones. That’s something we like to see all of our residents at Arbor doing. So what does Shirley think seniors should know to make the most of their retirement? 

She points to her favorite Bible verse: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” She says her belief in God is the thing she knows with the most certainty, and the philosophy that has sustained her for all of her 87 years. 

The Arbor Difference for Seniors 

Although religious faith is important for many seniors, practical concerns also matter. Shirley emphasizes her great quality of life at Arbor, and the food is a major selling point for her. “You won’t find it any better than here,” she advised. “The Arbor staff try hard to make it very livable for you.” 

Arbor believes in crafting individual retirements for the unique individuals who form our diverse and vibrant communities. No two seniors are alike, and so we cultivate a community that embraces a wide range of life experiences and philosophies. Indeed, that’s what many seniors like best about life at Arbor — a chance to learn and do new things while embracing the things that they have always loved. 

If you are considering a move to senior living, check out our blog post on when to make the move. As East Cobb’s premier and most beloved luxury senior living community, we’re so proud of what we’ve built. We’d love to host you for a special event or tour. Check out our Facebook page for community updates and fun events. Or send us an email to learn more about how we can make your retirement everything you hoped it could be. 

Carrie Bellware

About the Author: Carrie Bellware

With Arbor since 2016. “I first came to know Arbor Terrace when my mother lived here and now I’m proud to be a member of the team. I have worked in senior services for almost 20 years, but none of my prior experiences has been as meaningful as the daily interaction I have today with residents, families and our staff. Arbor is truly like none other!”