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The Cost of Dementia Care in East Cobb, GA

Dementia care in East Cobb, Georgia, can be life-changing. You or your loved one will live in a safe, supportive community with access to amenities that can support your memory and help you feel connected to loved ones. Yet many families avoid seeking help because of concerns about the cost of dementia care. It’s true that dementia care is an intensive type of senior living, but the cost of dementia care is lower than you might think — especially when compared with the costs of in-home care, or of doing nothing.

How Much Does Dementia Care in East Cobb Cost?

There really is no average cost of dementia care. This is an unsatisfying answer for families desperately trying to budget, but it remains true. Your total out-of-pocket costs depend on the specific services your loved one needs, as well as the community you choose. Higher-quality communities tend to cost more. Additionally, long-term care insurance and some other programs may fully fund dementia care. So don’t assume you can’t afford care until you’ve talked to a community and explored all of your funding options. A geriatric care coordinator can also help with identifying and budgeting for costs. In general, you can expect to pay between $4,000 and $7,000 per month.

The Cost of Dementia Care vs. In-Home Care

Dementia care might seem expensive, but it’s often more affordable than in-home care. People with advanced dementia will eventually need 24/7 care. The bills for that kind of care can quickly add up. Unlike with dementia care, though, home healthcare doesn’t offer additional benefits, such as gourmet meals or socialization. So you’re paying more and getting less. If your loved one has reached the point where they need daily in-home care, dementia care might be more affordable and offer a better overall value.

The Hidden Costs of Home Care

The financial costs of home care are hardly the only expense. No single caregiver can provide all the care a person with dementia needs no matter how loving they are. This can present a serious problem in many families. Some of the often unacknowledged costs of home care include:

  • Caregiver burnout and stress, especially if there is only a single caregiver
  • Family conflict over care decisions
  • Differences in care quality and style between caregivers, which can be confusing and harmful because people with dementia thrive on routine
  • Lower-quality care because family caregivers usually do not have dementia-specific training
  • A lack of a support network for the senior living with dementia
  • An increased risk of elder abuse, injuries, and other issues stemming from exhausted, overly burdened caregivers
  • Caregiver depression, injuries, and health problems from stress
  • The ongoing burden of tending to the loved one’s house, mail, and possessions
  • Lost opportunities at work and beyond for family caregivers
  • Caregiving bottlenecks when caregivers are unavailable or when paid caregivers call in sick

In dementia care, your loved one gets everything they need, every day, no matter how their needs shift. They also gain access to a ready-made group of friends, and activities specifically tailored to the minds of people living with dementia. This can preserve their health and quality of life, offering hope in the face of a devastating illness.

Dementia doesn’t have to mean anyone — caregivers or the seniors they love — has to sacrifice their quality of life. Dementia is just a change in thinking, not the end of a meaningful life. At Arbor, we work with seniors and their families to craft custom retirements that meet their care needs, even as those needs change with time. We would love to help you explore your options. To learn more, download our free guide, “Comparing Dementia Care & Living Options.”

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