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Things Seniors in East Cobb Can Do to Stay Healthy This Summer

As the spring blossoms wilt, giving way to the blazing Georgia heat, many East Cobb residents feel tempted to stay inside and curl up under the air conditioner. The heat doesn’t have to stop seniors in Marietta from staying healthy this summer, no matter how high the mercury rises. Here are some great options for keeping your body and mind in shape, no matter what you love doing.


Gardening offers a dose of osteoporosis-fighting vitamin D. You can grow healthy, organic food, get to know the birds and other wildlife in your yard, and get some low-intensity exercise and stretching. Incorporate a few yoga poses into your gardening routine for even more benefits.

If the heat is too much, you don’t have to watch your garden fade in the heat. Bring the yard inside by trying a hydroponic indoor garden. Aerogardens and similar options are an excellent alternative to sweating all summer. You can also invest in indoor plants like orchids and succulents for a beautiful year-round windowsill.


Aerobic activity keeps your heart healthy and lowers your risk of virtually every chronic illness, including dementia and diabetes. Yet exercising in the Atlanta heat can be difficult, and joint pain and stiffness can make indoor activities uncomfortable. Swimming offers low-impact activity that you can customize to your fitness and comfort level. Cobb County offers a number of aquatics centers, as well as senior-friendly swimming teams. 

Neighborhood Walks

Seniors in Marietta don’t have to leave home or shell out cash for fancy gym memberships to get in shape and prioritize health. A brisk walk around the neighborhood offers the chance to connect with your community, pair up with a neighbor, and get some much-needed vitamin D. It’s free, doesn’t require any training or skill, and even seniors with mobility impairments can partake with a little help.

Regular Dates with Loved Ones

Social engagement is critical to your health as you age. Isolation may increase the risk of dementia, but meaningful contact with others challenges your mind and keeps you sharp. Loneliness is terrible for your health — possibly as bad as smoking or being seriously overweight. Fight loneliness and enjoy every moment by scheduling regular time with loved ones. Plan a Friday picnic with the grandkids. Incorporate a monthly family movie night into your schedule. Or if your loved ones are far away, get great at video events. You can cook together, tell family stories, or watch a movie via Zoom or a similar platform.

Book Clubs

The right book can help you see new worlds, master novel skills, and connect to the rich tapestry of human experiences without ever leaving your living room. Share your love of reading with others by joining a book club. The discussions will expand your mind, keeping you sharp and thoughtful. And the meaningful friendships you’ll form can improve your life and health. The Cobb County Public Library offers a wide range of book clubs. You can also replenish your own book collection at the library’s regular sales.


Preparing your own food ensures you know exactly what’s in each meal. Cooking is also a great way to get moving, and planning recipes keeps your mind active. The summer is a great time to revive your love of home-cooked meals. Grow your own produce or head to the Marietta Square Farmers Market for fresh local harvests. Then plan a meal for your family or enjoy a quiet movie night of your own.

Senior Living Communities

The right senior living community can encourage you to stay physically active, emotionally connected, and intellectually engaged. Arbor Terrace of East Cobb offers year-round activities and events, classes, community excursions, and much more. Enjoy fine dining, posh homes, and help when you need it, at a more affordable price point than you might expect.

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