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Located just outside the bustling metropolis of Atlanta, Peachtree City offers the best of both worlds: ready access to all the conveniences of life in a big city, but with beautiful green space and lakefront views. If you're contemplating retirement here, Peachtree City offers abundant activities for seniors of all ages, interests, and ability levels. Lake McIntosh Park is the pride of this small oasis outside of Atlanta. It’s open to the public, and provides the only public access point to Lake McIntosh. 

Walking and Hiking 

Lake McIntosh is a county-owned public park, which means you can freely explore it without fear of intruding on someone else’s property. Check out the many walking trails situated around the lake, or for a bit more adventure, go hiking in the surrounding woods. Pack a picnic and some water. This park is big, and you could easily spend all day exploring it. 

Learn more about activities for seniors by downloading: The Busy Person's  Guide to Recreation in Retirement.


Want to spice up your daily lake walk? Try adding geocaching to your routine. This virtual scavenger hunt uses an app to give you clues to something someone has hidden near the lake. Visit the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ geocaching page to learn more. 


Birds love Lake McIntosh Park thanks to its clean water, abundant fish, and rich soil. Take your binoculars and spend a day by the lake checking out Georgia’s many native avian friends. Check out the Audubon Society’s Birding in Georgia page for expert tips. 

Games with the Grandkids

If your kids need a break and your grandkids are itching for some quality time with you, head to the lake. You don’t need special equipment to have fun. Hide-and-seek and tag somehow become more fun when you’re outside near water. Or teach them some of the games of your own youth. Take some sidewalk chalk and play hopscotch, or get a large bouncy ball and duke it out playing four square. 


Pack some cheese, honey, and freshly baked bread and spread out a picnic blanket. You can stock up on picnic supplies from local vendors at the Peachtree City Farmers Market. If you’re taking the grandkids, try planning a picnic for sunset, then tell one another ghost stories before heading home. 

Boating and Fishing 

Lake McIntosh offers 650 acres of lakefront views. Spend enough time here, and you’ll be eager to get out onto the water. Fayette County allows anyone who is 16 or older and has a valid Georgia fishing license to fish in the lake. You can rent a boat, or take advantage of the public docks. Note that the county prohibits swimming in the lake, so leave your swimsuit at home. 

Finding the Right Senior Living Community

If you’re looking for new ways to make the most of your retirement, a quality senior living community can keep you busy all day, every day. Arbor Terrace Peachtree City offers a wide range of activities for seniors, from yoga classes and community field trips to live music and gourmet dining every day. We believe every senior should get to live well and on their own terms, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to making that happen for every senior we serve. 

We believe in serving an entire community, and that’s why we offer year-round activities so you can visit and see what we’re all about. At Arbor, every day can be extraordinary and every senior’s dreams matter. We’d love to meet you and talk about how we can be your partner in crafting the ideal retirement. 

Download The Busy Person's Guide to Recreation in Retirement

Steven Sanders

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For over 35 years, Steven has dedicated his life to serving seniors as a CEO in luxury retirement living and long-term health care settings.