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If you or your senior loved one have made the decision to move to an assisted living community, you are well on your way to a transition that will be well worth the effort. Assisted living communities offer seniors socialization, wellness plans, and a commitment to independence that only benefits residents. However, once you know that an assisted living community is on the horizon, you have to find the perfect one for your situation.

Assisted living communities offer similar services, but each one is unique and different. Before you begin your tours and phone calls to investigate communities near your Park Ridge home, take into consideration a few things to look for. These small details are important and will give you a glimpse into what life will really be like in the assisted living community you choose.

The Neighborhood

First and foremost, narrow your search for assisted living communities based on the neighborhood that is most convenient for you. Park Ridge is a bustling suburb, but each area of the city has its own unique feel. You may choose to look at assisted living communities that are near to your senior loved one’s current home. After all, they already know the neighborhood and probably have friends in the area. Or, you may want to choose an assisted living community that is near your home so that a quick visit to your senior loved one isn’t a 45-minute drive during stop-and-go rush hour traffic.

In any case, location is an important consideration when choosing possible assisted living communities. If you are picking a location in an area that you are unfamiliar with, be sure to notice things like traffic patterns and parking. These can become quite important when you are swinging by for an after-work visit with your loved one.

The Activities

A hallmark of assisted living communities is the activity calendar. Seniors who have friends and a supportive peer network have proven to have less depression and be generally healthier. For many seniors who live at home alone, maintaining friendships can be nearly impossible. With assisted living, however, residents are able to meet new neighbors and participate in activities with one another.

As you drive around your Park Ridge community, look for assisted living community buses out and about. This is a good indication of how plugged into Park Ridge life the community is. Watch for a bus, or for residents, at the Farmer’s Market, shopping, or enjoying lunch at a favorite local spot.

Beyond watching for residents out and about, also review the activities available at assisted living communities that you could be interested in. Look for calendars that feature a variety of activities and events, including new learning, spiritual reflection, physical exercise, and even volunteerism opportunities. While your loved one may not participate in every activity offered, knowing that there is something for every taste is an important part of your research.

The Staff

Finally, observe the staff members at the assisted living communities you are looking at. Are caregivers smiling and friendly during their interactions with the residents? Do they appear to be attentive and reassuring? Try to interact with the leadership of the community as well. Will the executive director stop you in the hall to introduce herself? Do other managers interact with you during the tour?

Ask about the community’s philosophy on family communication and involvement. Steer clear of communities that don’t encourage families to attend group activities and visit often. This new assisted living community should feel like your loved one’s home—and a second home for you as well.

If you are searching for assisted living in Park Ridge that features a lovely location, engaging activity, and an attentive staff, look no further than the Summit of Uptown. Our community welcomes residents, and their family members, to enjoy our home. Stop by for a tour to see us in action.

Josephine Bernero

About the Author: Josephine Bernero

Jo prides herself on making sure that residents make a smooth transition to Summit and enjoy everything that summit of Uptown has to offer.

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