Employee Spotlight: Minal Patel

Every member of the Arbor Terrace Morris Plains team plays an important role in the lives of our residents. Our dining team prepares and serves delicious meals, our engagement team plans meaningful events, and our maintenance staff assures safety. Because most residents come to our beautiful community in search of the peace of mind that additional assistance provides, it is no wonder that our clinical team is the backbone of this experience.

Minal Patel with Resident Lucky StavrakasOur clinical team and caregivers each provide the additional reassurance and assistance that give our residents the independence they deserve. For Minal Patel, one of our certified medication aides (CMAs), her passion for serving seniors was fostered in her childhood home. We could not be more excited to tell you more about Minal and how she serves our residents so well.

A Genuine Love for Seniors

Minal was raised in a culture that taught her to respect her elders, and you can see this in the extra care she takes when she works with residents each day. “My interaction with our residents and their families is my passion and helps to keep me grounded,” says Minal.

Although Minal’s job as a CMA is to provide medication management services to our residents, ensuring that they take the correct dosage of the correct medications at the correct time, Minal can’t help but find other ways to connect with residents as well.

“I have a special interest in helping residents who have few visitors or have a hard time connecting to other residents,” says Minal. “When I am doing my job, it can get very hectic and I do not always have the time to talk to the residents for as long as I would like. I will often visit with these residents when there is an extra moment to listen to their concerns and their stories.”

Minal’s extra efforts to foster a deep connection with the residents she serves is inspiring to other team members. Lori Dalli, the resident care director at Arbor Terrace Morris Plains says, “Minal exemplifies the Arbor Standard of Accountability. Minal is reliable with great attention to the details of her job. She is genuine and kind to all the residents, adding to the quality of their day.”

Always Learning

Minal is always learning from her time with residents and with Arbor Terrace. “The residents have taught me to be myself,” says Minal. “They encourage me to seek education and have fun!”

Thanks to Arbor Terrace’s commitment to dementia-specific training, Minal has also found great value in the GEMS dementia care training program. She uses its interventions and approaches in her daily interactions with residents throughout the Arbor Terrace Morris Plains community.

Even more importantly, Minal is always learning about the residents and family members she serves. Mary Laverty, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at Arbor Terrace Morris Plains, says, “Minal is one of the most dedicated staff members here at Arbor. I am amazed that she knows so much about our residents and their family members. It is always a good day at Arbor when Minal is in the house.”

Part of the Team

We are so fortunate to have Minal on our Arbor Terrace team these past few years. She is an excellent example of how a heart for service and a commitment to forming relationships can positively affect more than just the residents here at Arbor Terrace. Minal is an inspiration to other team members, an encouraging presence for family members, and a friend to those she serves.

Schedule your tour to see Minal and the rest of the Arbor Terrace Morris Plains team in action. Our team makes our community extra special, and we would love to introduce you.

Mary Beth Kane

About the Author: Mary Beth Kane

Mary Beth began her career as a therapeutic recreation specialist developing award winning activity-based programs for people living with dementia and their care partners. Since 2004, she has worked in assisted living communities where she strengthened ties within the professional community and helped families find the right senior living communities for their loved one. Mary Beth has been a care partner for both her parents and brings the joys and challenges of these years to her work on a daily basis.

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