Looking for Assisted Living in Burlington County, NJ? Here's What to Look For

As the second-largest county in New Jersey, Burlington County, NJ, offers plenty to do—horseback riding, antiques shopping galore, fine dining and fun breweries, as well as plenty of inspiring historic sites. If you moved to Burlington County anticipating a great retirement, you may feel frustrated when health issues get in the way. Assisted living helps bridge the gap between what you are able to do and what you want to do, preserving your independence and health. If you’re searching for assisted living for yourself or a loved one, here’s what to look for.

A Great Reputation

When a community offers truly great care, residents don’t keep it a secret. So ask people you trust and respect for community recommendations. Odds are good you’ll hear about the best communities in your area. If you’re not sure whom to ask, spend some time reading up on communities online. Support groups, blogs, and Facebook can direct you to some great communities. Read each community’s blog or social media page for a glimpse of community life.

A Variety of Activities

You didn’t spend your whole life preparing for your retirement years only to be bored and isolated. You deserve a community that offers a wide range of activities—not just a few token social events or a class every now and again. Ask about the activities you can expect, as well as the amenities the community offers. For example, a community with a garden, a library, or a pool is fertile ground for plenty of solo activities, while a community that offers no amenities leaves residents dependent on the community to plan activities.

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High-Quality Daily Life

In addition to special activities and events, ask about what daily life at the community will be like. Is there transportation? How much support can you expect with daily activities? How social is the community? What is the community culture like? While special events are great, you deserve a community that offers something interesting to do each and every day. Ask residents how they spend their time, and consider whether their answers appeal to you.

Compassionate Staff

The staff at an assisted living community can make or break it. These are the people you’ll lean on for help, interact with every day, and talk to when you have a problem. They should be compassionate, friendly people who are invested in getting to know residents—not people who have a one-size-fits-all approach, or are burned out or treated unfairly at work.

Spend lots of time talking to staff when you visit. Do they seem like people you could be friends with? If so, you might have found the perfect fit.

Excellent Food

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Food fuels your body, so the food you eat can have long-term effects on your health. Ensure that the community offers delicious food, and that it can cater to a wide range of dietary needs. After all, your nutritional needs may change, and your tastes might, too. Eat at least one meal at the community. Ask for a sample menu, and talk to residents about how they feel about food options.

Trust Your Gut

This is your life. You deserve to be in control, even if you need a little extra help. So when it’s time to make the decision, trust your gut. Contemplate whether you can see yourself thriving in a given community. It’s natural to feel a little anxious, but if you feel reluctant or concerned that you’re making the wrong decision, listen to that little voice in your head. Seek feedback from people you trust, and then continue the search until you find a great fit.

At Arbor Terrace Mount Laurel, we’ve seen it all. We know how difficult it can be to manage the challenges of aging. We also know that health issues, even serious ones, do not have to mark the end of a joyful, engaged life. Let us show you the difference Arbor makes in seniors’ lives every day. Stop by for a visit, or give us a call to schedule a tour.

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Jackie Fix

About the Author: Jackie Fix

Jackie has been working in the field of senior living for more than 15 years. As an Executive Director for the past twelve years, Jackie has found her most important role is building a community network that provides opportunities and encourages residents to live their best lives. Ensuring the team feels engaged and equipped to provide outstanding service has led to memorable and meaningful experiences with residents, families, and friends throughout the years. Jackie is a Certified Assisted Living Administrator and a participating member of both the New Jersey Health Care Association and the Tri-County Ethics Committee. An empty-nester, Jackie also enjoys hiking, gardening, and visits with her grandchildren.

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