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Retirement in Kingwood, TX

Anyone thinking about retiring realizes it’s a big step. There are many decisions to be made, some that will affect family, while others affect financial choices, and of course, many of which will impact personal lifestyle options. One big decision to be made is in regard to the city or town where a person settles down.

A retirement location can make a world of difference in the quality of life and benefits enjoyed during retirement years. For Texans (or anyone) seeking the very best in retirement living, Kingwood, Texas, is an ideal location for putting down retirement roots.

Another critical consideration is selecting a city that provides the benefits and services you’ll appreciate and enjoy. Kingwood, a suburb of Houston, possesses many qualities older citizens look for in a retirement city. Located about 20 miles northeast of Houston’s central business district, Kingwood offers a wide variety of parks, open spaces, dining, and entertainment options.

The Area

Kingwood is one of the largest master-planned communities in the Houston area, covering more than 14,000 acres and home to a population exceeding 60,000 persons. The city consists primarily of family neighborhoods of single-family residences, plenty of forested park areas, and neighborhood schools. Also, the city is home to multiple senior activities organizations and groups. The town is serviced by the Houston Police and Fire departments, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, and the Humble Police Department. The comfortable, friendly environment provides an excellent backdrop for seniors who want to stay engaged and active.


The area has plenty of sports and recreation options. The southern portion of the city lies along the shores of Lake Houston and the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. These areas offer both fishing and boating opportunities, as well as homesites and parks. To the immediate north of Kingwood is the Lake Houston Wilderness Park, offering plenty of outdoor activities. Also, a 75-plus-mile greenbelt winds its way through the many neighborhood communities where residents can walk or jog and enjoy nature. The Clubs of Kingwood golf courses offer 90 holes of championship golf at two separate locations; Kingwood Country Club and Deerwood Golf Club. These locations offer multiple courses, three of which  consistently rank among the best in the state.


For those looking to retire, the quality of public schools may not seem to be highly relevant. But think again. When purchasing a home, it's always good to think about reselling or moving in the future. The quality of the local schools can significantly impact how quickly and for how much you might resell a property. Kingwood schools are primarily within the excellent Humble Independent School District, which is attractive to young families looking to relocate.


Kingwood offers six major parks in addition to smaller parks located in its various planned neighborhoods. These parks offer hiking, tennis, and athletic fields, as well as boating and fishing. Nature watching is a popular pastime, with plenty of opportunities to get out, walk the trails, and enjoy the fresh air. Lake Houston Wilderness Park is located about 10 miles north of Kingwood and provides almost 5,000 acres of fishing, camping, and hiking. 

Dining and Entertainment

One of Kingwood’s most outstanding features is the wide variety of restaurants and dining venues available to suit almost any culinary preference. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed dining habits, most area restaurants are open for indoor dining, though changes may continue to occur based on the latest safety guidelines. Nevertheless, elegant dining can still be enjoyed lakeside, in quiet, luxurious dining rooms, or in family-style casual environments.

Arbor Terrace at Kingwood Town Center

Living in Kingwood can be an exciting and active experience. Not only that, but it’s also good to know that Arbor Terrace at Kingwood Town Center is close by for when the time comes to leave the headaches of managing your own home behind and relocate to a long-term senior living community. Arbor Terrace at Kingwood Town Center is dedicated to providing active and engaging independent living lifestyles. 

Nevertheless, graduating from managing a home to worry-free living at Arbor Terrace means accessing the same amenities you’ve come to enjoy and expect as a resident of Kingwood, while eliminating the worries of homeownership. Talk with one of our staff at 281-361-7557 or visit our website to find out more about the advantages of upgrading to a worry-free retirement at Arbor Terrace at Kingwood Town Center.

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Stacy Arceneaux

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Stacy moved from Ohio to Texas in 1993 and has lived in Houston for sixteen years. She has always had a heart and compassion for the senior community and enjoys helping families through the transition process that is involved with downsizing into senior living. “I am excited about being part of an amazing team,” says Stacy, “and I look forward to meeting you and your family.”