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Although the Olympic Games were canceled due to the pandemic, the residents of Arbor Terrace Lakeway were still able to have their annual community games in August. Residents started strength training weeks in advance for the competition. Then, they perfected their skills during their sports and exercise classes such as kickboxing and track. 

While the residents trained, the staff decorated the community with Team USA and Olympic signage, flags, and banners. With each passing day, Lakeway was transformed into an Olympic village buzzing with excitement. 

Opening ceremonies kicked off with the arrival of the Olympic flame on Aug. 14. The community had a live Zoom call with Herb Perez, the 1992 Olympic gold medalist in Taekwondo, who gave a wonderful talk. The residents were enthralled!

For two weeks, residents competed in 10 sporting events, including bowling, shot put, golf, and a marathon race, displaying their agility and skill. The residents enjoyed the sporting events and supporting fellow teammates.

The community anticipated tense competition from event participants. Residents and staff watched and waited for the golf sporting event, as the participants were of equal skill and determination.  

O8For the closing ceremony on Aug 21, a table was beautifully decorated with winners’ medals and award certificates. Winners from the Olympic games included Don Landers, who won a bronze medal in the basketball and bowling events. The marathon winner, Janet Agagnanian, said, “I loved being acknowledged for something that I have always done.”   

Refreshments followed the ceremony. Residents enjoyed visiting with the winners and chatting about the events. The Olympic games offered residents an opportunity to have fun, celebrate sportsmanship, and cheer their fellow competitors.


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