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senior transportation 5 Senior Transportation Resources in Fairfax County

Reliable, safe, and affordable transportation is essential for seniors who want to maintain their independence, stay connected with family and friends, and handle the necessities of their days. Without the means to get to doctor’s appointments, run to the grocery store, or attend an event at a local restaurant, seniors will not be able to enjoy the full potential of their retirement. Not only that, but social isolation can be a big problem for seniors who cannot drive. As the National Institute on Aging reports, the effects of isolation can be quite stressful for seniors.

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Dementia Care How to Find Quality Dementia Care Near the Fairfax Area

A dementia diagnosis can introduce a range of difficult emotions and a series of tough decisions that you and your loved ones will need to navigate together. Though the road ahead to finding a treatment plan that will keep a senior with dementia and their loved ones safe, healthy, and happy may be unique for each family, there are several key resources and qualities that a top-notch dementia care community can provide, offering a place of not only comfort, but education and understanding. As you begin to look at dementia care (also known as memory care) communities in the Fairfax, Virginia, area, you can use the following advice to help you choose the one that will be right for you and your family throughout the next phase of your dementia journey.

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best parks 5 Best Parks Near Arbor Terrace Fairfax

This time of year, the weather seems to draw us outside and, for those of us in the Fairfax area, we are blessed with many beautiful parks where we can enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer. And for active seniors among us who enjoy a stroll on a shady path, a bike ride around a local lake, or some simple bird-watching, Fairfax has some of the area’s best parks.

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Dementia, Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease Dementia-Friendly Activities Your Loved One Can Do at Home

Staying engaged, active, and mentally stimulated is important for people of all ages, but it is particularly important for people living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia. In addition to finding ways for seniors to maintain their daily routines, there are other activities that have proved helpful for those who have dementia, including games, exercise, and hobbies. In addition to encouraging social engagement, activities such as these also help to provide structure and routine, which can help to maintain cognitive function and self-esteem and calm anxiety. 

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Dementia Care What Is the Discovery Neighborhood at Our Community?

Living with dementia — whether you’re newly diagnosed or just beginning to notice a decline after years of stability — can feel daunting. Arbor’s Discovery Neighborhood offers a bridge between assisted living and dementia care, serving people living with dementia and continually meeting their changing needs. Discovery caters to seniors with moderate to advanced dementia who need help with most activities of daily living. If you wonder whether this community could be a good fit for you, here’s what you need to know.

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Dementia Care What Makes Dementia Care Different at Arbor Terrace Fairfax

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are serious conditions for the 5.5 million Americans that suffer from them; a figure that the Alzheimer’s Association expects to increase to 7.1 million by 2025.

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Senior Activities Senior-Friendly Fourth of July Events to Attend Near Chantilly

Nothing says summer, celebration, and fun like the Fourth of July. From backyard barbecues to fireworks to plenty of red, white, and blue, nothing inspires patriotism and good, old-fashioned summer fun like our nation’s birthday.  Of course, the anticipation for fireworks and fun does not end with childhood; seniors look forward to the special events and the time to celebrate the country they love, too. Not only that, but participating in holiday activities also helps seniors to strengthen bonds with their community, friends, and family.

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Still spreading musical cheer at Arbor Terrace Fairfax

It’ll take much more than a pandemic to keep Norman Voss from entertaining his favorite seniors! 

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Events March 25th - Taste and Tour Event

The big opening day has finally arrived! We are so excited to invite you in to see for yourself all that Arbor Terrace Fairfax has to offer! Please join us anytime between 10:00am–2:00 p.m. on Saturday March 25th to taste the delights of Chef Wendell and tour our brand new Signature Memory Care Community.

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