10 Helpful Services in Jacksonville, FL for Seniors Affected by Memory Loss

May 29, 2018

Situated on the Atlantic Ocean, less than an hour south of the Georgia border, Jacksonville, Florida, offers residents of all ages a vibrant atmosphere chock-full of things to do and experience. Similar to many other Florida cities, Jacksonville boasts a rather large population of older adults. In fact, recent estimates place more than 100,000 adults over the age of 60 in the heart of Jacksonville.

Fortunately, the city of Jacksonville is committed to serving their senior residents. If you, or someone you love, are living in the area, and are affected by memory loss, you can rest assured that you have plenty of helpful resources and services right in your backyard. Here are just a few to get you started:

City of Jacksonville Senior Services Centers

Jacksonville is serious about their Senior Centers. So serious, in fact, that they have more than 20 centers throughout the city limits that are run for, and by, adults over the age of 60. Within the walls of these centers, seniors can enjoy meals and socialization, as well as the opportunity to cool off or try something new. Participants can receive help learning new computer skills and can learn more about other resources scattered throughout the community. For seniors living with early memory loss, a senior center weekly visit can give much needed socialization, as well as a routine to look forward to.

Northeast Florida Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association does more than propel research forward, they also offer significant support and education opportunities for families of seniors living with memory loss. The regional office that serves North and Central Florida offers support groups, educational opportunities, and general information that is helpful for seniors and family members.

Insurance Assistance

Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances are difficult to keep up with. Seniors in the Jacksonville area can get answers to their insurance questions by utilizing SHINE (Serving Health Insurance Needs for Elders). These volunteers are prepared to assist seniors with questions, the sign-up process, or even advocacy. Seniors who live with memory loss can find it nearly impossible to manage their own insurance, and family members can drown in the paperwork. Utilizing SHINE and other insurance assistance can assure seniors are receiving the maximum and most helpful benefits.

Reliable Transportation

Seniors who no longer drive can find transportation services unreliable or too expensive. Thanks to the Jacksonville Transit Authority (JTA), seniors benefit from regular transportation at a decreased fare. Seniors living with early memory loss may no longer feel safe driving, but can still manage public transportation to get from here to there.

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Jacksonville Library

Beyond checking out books or audio versions of your favorite books, the Jacksonville Public Library also has a full calendar of activities and events to enjoy. From AARP tax preparation services to hobby classes about sewing machines or photography, seniors throughout the area are sure to find something they will be interested in. Even better, these scheduled classes allow senior living with cognitive loss to enjoy socialization and a change of scenery from their home.

Meals on Wheels

For seniors who are homebound, Meals on Wheels is an excellent service that provides nutritious meals on a regular basis at no cost to the senior. For seniors living with dementia, preparing a healthy meal is a complex task that often goes unnoticed until significant weight loss sets in. Meals on Wheels gives nutritious meals and a daily check in to assure the senior is safe and sound. Jacksonville offers Meals on Wheels services that include the option of having someone check on the pets of seniors they serve.

Helpful Answers

Jacksonville seniors benefit from the Aging and Disabilities Resource HelpLine powered through ElderSource. Call with questions or concerns, or to get a list of resources near you that could be helpful, including any dementia care related support groups or support services.

Services for Specialized Populations

Jacksonville resources offer special support and connection for seniors who are veterans or who are LGBTQ. Meet peers and find resources designed specifically for these groups which are sometimes considered at-risk of falling through cracks in the system.

Resources that Come to You

Jacksonville residents may see a senior-specific mobile resource center at community events. This roving resource center is the perfect place to get support or answers to questions you may have, especially if taking your loved one out of the house is too much due to overstimulation, a common side effect of dementia.

Arbor Terrace Ortega

Arbor Terrace Ortega, a senior living community in the Jacksonville area that specializes in dementia care, is committed to serving seniors throughout the city. Give our team a call to find out what support groups or informational lectures are coming up, and don’t forget to schedule a tour of our beautiful community. Our specially trained professionals are dedicated to serving our residents—and seniors throughout Jacksonville—by providing care that preserves dignity and independence.

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