Know the Difference: Finding the Best Dementia Care in Jacksonville, FL

October 26, 2017

Know the Difference Finding the Best Dementia Care in Jacksonville FL.jpgMany seniors in Jacksonville are looking for an affordable memory care option that will help maintain their health and independence well into the future. And the best assisted living in Jacksonville will help you or your loved one realize all of these goals, not just one or two of them.

Jacksonville Seniors’ Affordability Challenge: Finding a Solution That Fits

It’s recommended that housing and utility costs don’t account for more than 30 percent of monthly income, but more than 36,000 seniors in Florida’s St. Johns, Duval, and Clay counties live beyond that threshold. Even worse, nearly 18,500 of them pay more than 50 percent, according to a report by Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.

First and foremost, the best housing and memory care arrangements for seniors have to be affordable. For many seniors in Jacksonville, however, living expenses such as housing costs, property taxes, food, in-home care, maintenance, and flood and homeowner’s insurance add up to an unsustainable situation. A Senior Living Cost Calculator is a great way to get a handle on in-home and senior living expenses.

For many, senior living can reduce monthly expenses by combining housing, utilities, housekeeping, maintenance, food, 24-hour supervision, cognitive support, and help with activities of daily living (ADLs) into a flat monthly fee.

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Finding Assisted Living for Today and Tomorrow

If nationwide statistics hold true, one in nine of Duval County’s 125,000 or so senior residents has Alzheimer’s disease—and even more have age-related cognitive decline. Given that Alzheimer’s risk factors increase with age, it’s important that senior living in Jacksonville has the flexibility to meet current and future care needs.

The challenge, however, is that no two people experience age-related cognitive decline or the progression of Alzheimer’s in the same way. Assisted living and dementia care have to offer flexibility and personalized approaches to meet everyone’s unique—and changing—care needs. Arbor Terrace Ortega, for example, has developed an innovative tiered approach to memory care:

  • Discovery Living: Designed for those with middle-stage dementia who need some level of help with ADLs, Discovery Living is structured to help residents live as independently as possible while receiving the support they need.
  • Bridges Living: Designed for those who need more help with essential ADLs like bathing and personal grooming, Bridges Living also uses structured daily programming to help residents maintain their independence.
  • Reflections Living: Designed for those with late-stage dementia who need full assistance with ADLs, Reflections Living offers a higher resident-to-staff ratio and more individual attention.

Flexible care plans accomplish two main goals. They help residents retain their independence, and they help control costs by only providing care and support when it’s needed.


The Best Memory Care Achieves Wellness and Longevity

For seniors in Jacksonville, the top priority is maintaining physical health, cognitive function, and mental health, if a nationwide survey is any indication. The best assisted living in Jacksonville will be able to help you or your loved one realize this goal in a number of ways.

Arbor Terrace Ortega, for example, offers an Engaged Lifestyle program. It offers activities, events, and programming that encourage seniors to be active, to learn about and experience new things, to engage with their neighbors, and, perhaps most important, to have fun.

Activity, socialization, and engagement help improve seniors’ quality of life but also have long-term impacts on their physical, cognitive, and mental health:

  • Seniors who are part of large social networks were 26 percent likelier to develop Alzheimer’s, and those who had social interactions on a daily basis were 50 percent less likely, according to one study.
  • Seniors who take part in moderate physical activity on a regular basis are 18 percent likelier to be mobile, and they’re 28 percent less likely to lose the ability to walk down the road, according to another study.

In the end, key elements of senior living such as planned social activities, community outings, wellness centers, and personalized care plans don’t happen by accident. They’re designed to make accommodations affordable by keeping residents healthy, active, and independent for as long as possible. Contact Arbor Terrace Ortega to learn more about assisted living in Jacksonville.

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