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Senior Living Story Series: Reggie's Story

April 11, 2017


Only three days after arriving to work at the Renaissance, Reggie injured his knee and was on crutches for six to seven weeks. One day while at home rehabbing his knee, he received a phone call telling him to get well and come back. “If they barely know me and want me, this is a place I want to work. This is where I want to be,” Isaac says. “Like a hand and a glove, it was a fit—and I’ve been here 23 years.”

 A Senior Living Story...   



People like Reggie are able to share quality one-on-one time with residents while driving them to the grocery story, to see their kids, or to doctor's appointments, and along the way, they share stories with one another. It is during these moments that lasting friendships between Renaissance residents and staff members form, and it’s what helps make everyone at the Renaissance feel like family.

“I’ve learned so much from the residents who have really contributed to my staying. More than anything, it’s family to me."

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