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Arbor Terrace Athens School Supply Drive

No child should start school without all the supplies needed for learning. To help make sure that local children in grades K-5 were ready for school and stocked with all the required supplies, the Engagement team at Arbor Terrace of Athens organized a School Supply Drive – with a great response! 

The drive, which concluded Aug. 7, brought in a total of 32 bags of donations from team members, residents, family members and others in the Athens community. A monetary donation to Arbor Terrace of Athens also helped fill in a few gaps for specific supply items needed. All told, the team collected almost 100 bottles of hand soap and hand sanitizer; more than 65 notebooks and binders; 50-plus boxes of crayons and colored pencils; plus dozens of rulers; pencils and pencil pouches; highlighters; markers; glue sticks; pencil sharpeners; loose-leaf paper; sticky notes; and ink pens. 

Residents had the chance to pitch in, too. They sorted and packed the items into Arbor Terrace of Athens bags; staff members also helped sort and deliver them. Twenty-two bags of donated items will go to students in the Clarke County School District, with the remainder going to members of the caregiving staff who have school-aged children.  

Athens School Drive (1)

Team members Fran Smith, Carrol Carlisle, Meredith Calhoun, David Corbin and Marianne Reece spearheaded the drive. 

“We’re really pleased with the response we received from the community,” said Dublin, who started in August as Engagement director at the community. “Everyone was so generous. The support was amazing, and we could not do things like this if it were not for the amazing people and organizations within our community.”


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