How to Get the Most Out of Assisted Living in Athens, GA

When it comes to senior living, location can mean everything. Fortunately, older adults who live in Athens, Georgia live in a beautiful city full of opportunities for relaxing, exploring, and staying healthy. With Atlanta about an hour away, seniors looking to experience this global city can do it and be home to enjoy a cup of tea before bed. Senior living communities in the Athens area offer more than just care; exceptional assisted living communities offer plenty of activities for residents, trips to engage in the city they love, and much more.

If you are searching for assisted living in Athens, be sure to look at the following categories so that you can get the most out of your experience.

Compassionate Care

First and foremost, you should search for assisted living that offers compassionate care to all residents. Assisted living communities offer more care and safety measures to residents than independent living options, which makes assisted living an excellent choice for older adults who could use a bit of extra support during daily activities. Most assisted living communities have their own designated levels of care, which means residents are given more or less care depending on their current health abilities. When you are touring communities, ensure that you speak about their levels of care and what the assessment process looks like.

As you are touring assisted living communities, take time to take notice of the residents you see in the hallways or other common areas. Do the seniors look happy, content, and well cared for? Look for interactions happening between the staff and the residents; do the staff members speak with residents with compassion and respect? These small observations can speak volumes about the culture of care within the assisted living community.

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Exciting Activities

Assisted living communities offer more than care and safety. One of the major benefits of living within a senior community is the opportunity to participate in carefully curated activities throughout the day. Seniors should have the chance to meet new friends, try new hobbies, work their bodies and minds, and have some fun during their day. Be sure to ask for a copy of the activities schedule and look for multiple activities each day, offered at varying times.

Assisted living communities in Athens can take advantage of what the city has to offer when it comes to activities within the community. Athens features multiple live music venues scattered around the city; assisted living communities can find local entertainers and bring them into the residence for concerts and socials. Look for boutiques local to Athens bringing some items into the community for in-house shopping opportunities that residents can enjoy. Local high schools can provide choral concerts and local churches can provide weekly services; the opportunities are endless for assisted living communities that are willing to highlight Athens.

Engaging Trips

Finally, assisted living communities can offer residents the chance to engage with the community through trips. These events provide safe transportation and are led by assisted living community staff who know the needs and abilities of the residents on board. Watch for a community that offers trips to Five Points and other shopping neighborhoods, to new restaurants in town, and even to explore neighboring Atlanta. You will love jumping on the bus and arriving at a fun destination for the afternoon or for the day.

Where to Start

When it comes to compassionate care, exciting activities, and engaging trips, you don’t need to look farther than Arbor Terrace of Athens. This exceptional assisted living community is devoted to its residents and to keeping them connected to the Athens area. Your new neighbors and new opportunities await you at Arbor Terrace of Athens!

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