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Assisted Living

Assisted living at Arbor Terrace Athens provides all of the amenities you could want with the extra assistance you need, so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

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Apartments starting at $4,425

Bridges Neighborhood

The Bridges neighborhood is a unique transitional community developed to enrich the daily lives of seniors living with early stage cognitive decline.

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Apartments starting at $6,710

Memory Care

Our Evergreen neighborhood was designed to create a safe, engaging environment for seniors with Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia.

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Apartments starting at $6,815

Not sure which senior living option is right for you? Take our senior living options quiz.

Transitioning into senior living can be a difficult process without having the right information. One of the biggest questions is determining which level of care is right for you or your loved one. The goal of this quiz is to answer that question and to help you take the next step with confidence.

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Why Arbor Terrace Athens

Our team members prioritize making meaningful connections — we call them deep connections — with everyone we serve. From your interests and hobbies to your preferences and history, we delight in getting to know you so we can build a stronger relationship. That's the Arbor difference: We listen. We respond. We care.

We also understand that your pet is an important part of your family. As a pet-friendly community, Arbor Terrace Athens welcomes your four-legged friends so you can feel truly at home here. Inquire about our pet-friendly accommodations.

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Where You Live a Full Life

When you call Arbor Terrace home, you'll experience activities and programs that connect you with other residents and the historic Southern charm of Athens, Georgia.

Each monthly social calendar is packed with opportunities to learn something new, spend time with neighbors, give back to the larger community, and much more.

From large events to smaller meetups, there's something for everyone to enjoy — and a friend to share it with.

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Where You Have Peace of Mind

Forget the hassle of household tasks and start enjoying a lifestyle focused on wellness, friendships, and fun with assisted living services.

With caring professionals available in an emergency or to lend a consistent helping hand, your needs can be met as they change over time. You'll also gain access  programs that are tailormade to keep seniors like you feeling their best.

Regardless of your abilities or challenges, our team is here to help. You can finally feel at ease and relax; you're home now.

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arbor terrace staff and resident having coffee Bistro Front Desk
Why Arbor Terrace Athens
Residents on couch having hors d'oeuvres
Where You Live a Full Life
Female resident sitting at dinner table
Where You Have Peace of Mind
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Cost Calculator
Understand the costs of senior living versus the costs of aging in place.
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Setting the Standard in Senior Living
We are proud to be an award-winning community

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A Community Designed Just For You

Our vibrant senior living community in Athens, GA was created for seniors just like you. We thoughtfully designed our community —from the floorplans to the tiniest accessibility and design details — to make comfortable spaces that would quickly help you feel at home.

You can entertain family members in a variety of community spaces or your spacious apartment, pamper yourself at our on-site salon and spa, or receive customized guidance from our wellness center.

For those who prefer time in nature, there are plenty of outdoor spaces to safely explore, offering all the comfort and tranquility you've been dreaming of. 

But our neighborhood is more than just beautiful scenery. From award-winning dining services to accessible transportation, our outstanding amenities are the best in senior living.

You will find our team happy to help and support you throughout Arbor Terrace Athens. Let's design a luxury retirement just for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of senior living options are found at Arbor Terrace Athens?

We understand that the process of finding the right senior living option for your situation can feel overwhelming. That is why at Arbor Terrace Athens, we provide assisted living, a Bridges neighborhood, and an Evergreen neighborhood.

Our assisted living option is perfect for seniors enjoying retirement who need a little extra daily assistance. The Bridges neighborhood is a one-of-a-kind program designed for seniors in the early stage of cognitive decline. Our Evergreen neighborhood is designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia who need extra care on a day-to-day basis for their cognitive health.

It can be difficult to find the right option depending on the type of care you need. Contact us today at Arbor Terrace to get more information about what each of our programs provides!

What amenities does Arbor Terrace Athens offer?

An important aspect of finding the right senior living option for your lifestyle is finding the right amenities. At Arbor Terrace, our programs provide all of the services and amenities seniors need to enjoy their retirement.

We provide luxurious dining, concierge services, fitness programs, laundry services, housekeeping, and transportation. Our schedule is also packed with activities and events, and seniors can enjoy our outdoor spaces, beauty salon, and spa.

What is the cost of memory care in Georgia?

The cost of senior living and memory care in Georgia varies based on the community and the care needed. To learn more about the cost of care, speak with one of our trusted senior living advisors or check out our cost calculator.

What’s the difference between a nursing home in Athens, GA, and Arbor Terrace?

If you have started to require additional assistance with everyday tasks, you may be considering moving into a nursing home or an Arbor Terrace Athens community. Georgia nursing homes provide a very clinical atmosphere where seniors can get 24/7 care from medical professionals and caregivers.

Residents often have to share rooms and don’t have much privacy or control over their schedules. This is very different from an Arbor Terrace community, where each resident resides in their own apartment. Our residents have control over their schedules and can enjoy a variety of events, activities, and programs around the community.

Arbor Terrace communities provide a more home-like environment that encourages socialization and enrichment. It allows seniors to enjoy their retirement even as their care needs progress.

How much does senior living cost in Athens, GA?

If you are ready to make the transition into a senior living community in Athens, GA, you may need to create a budget. It can be difficult to do this since the costs will vary depending on the community you join, your care needs, and other care factors.

The cost of senior living in Athens, Georgia varies based on the community and the care needed. To learn more about the cost of care,  check out our cost calculator

Contact us today at Arbor Terrace Athens for more information on how much our communities cost and the financial programs we accept.

What is the Bridges neighborhood at Arbor Terrace Athens?

If you have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, you may be looking for a senior living option that provides cognitive care. At Arbor Terrace Athens, our Bridges neighborhood is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed specifically for seniors with mild cognitive impairment.

The Bridges neighborhood assists seniors as they are going through the early stages of cognitive decline. Our caregivers and medical professionals are specially trained, and our community has been designed to help slow the progression of these symptoms.

How are memory care services different from assisted living services in Athens, GA?

Seniors who are considering senior living options in Athens, GA, will need to understand how these communities differ from each other. Two very common options are memory care and assisted living communities, but they provide very different things.

An assisted living community is designed primarily for seniors who are enjoying retirement but require a little additional assistance. They may need help having access to three meals a day or may need assistance with transportation or housekeeping.

On the other hand, memory care is specifically designed for seniors with cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. They usually require far more extensive daily care that includes a safer living environment, personal care, and cognitive activities.

For more information on whether memory care or assisted living services are the right option for you, contact us today at Arbor Terrace Athens.

How is assisted living different from at-home care in Athens, GA?

Seniors who require some daily assistance with everyday tasks may not know what senior living option is the right fit for their situation. Two options that are often compared are assisted living communities and at-home care.

At-home care is when seniors age in place in their homes, and a caregiver visits them to provide daily assistance. This is a good option for seniors who do not have many care needs, but it can become very pricey the more care you require.

An assisted living community caters to seniors enjoying retirement who need very minimal daily assistance. These communities provide things like transportation, housekeeping, laundry services, events and activities, and dining options.

Why live at Arbor Terrace Athens instead of living at home?

Remaining at home is a very tempting option for many seniors, but it isn’t always ideal. Aging at home comes with a variety of expenses, along with the cost of receiving additional care from a caregiver. For instance, not only do you have to pay for caregiving services, you have to pay rent or mortgage, utility, and grocery bills.

When you move into an Arbor Terrace Athens community, your expenses are condensed into one monthly bill. This bill will not fluctuate as much as your expenses at home would, giving you more financial security.

An Arbor Terrace community also provides daily socialization that you wouldn’t get at home. We provide high-quality dining services and different communities that can provide additional care as your caregiving needs change.

Contact us today for more information on what the Arbor Terrace  Athens community can provide for you.

arbor terrace resident and staff walking together

Assisted Living

Helping seniors remain independent and active in retirement while offering additional assistance when it's needed.

arbor terrace residents sitting and talking together

Bridges Neighborhood

Offering unique daily support and enrichment for seniors experiencing the early stages of memory loss or dementia.

arbor terrace staff and resident holding hands

Memory Care

Providing safety, comfort, and connection for seniors living with Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia.

At Arbor Terrace Athens, relationships, personalized assistance, and peace of mind make all the difference. You’ll find a luxury lifestyle, coupled with access to our highly trained and caring staff, designed to keep you feeling your very best.