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Exploring a new assisted living community is a big venture. It can also be an emotional time for everyone in the family. To help make this transition easier, we’ve created a list of the top seven questions to ask when you visit different senior living communities in Suwanee, GA.

Question #1: What Type of Training Does the Staff Have?

Senior care is a unique area of expertise, and it requires a dedicated and deep level of care. It’s important that the community you and your loved one choose has kind and understanding staff. The community should take care to train their staff on the individualities of each senior resident. They should also be trained in a way that ensures they understand the unique care residents may need, whether in assisted living or memory care. Warm and kind staff will listen, accommodate wishes, and create meaningful connections with their residents.

Question #2: What Levels of Care Are Available?

Your loved one may enjoy assisted living as their perfect fit when they move in. But care requirements and preferences can change, so it’s helpful to ask the communities what different levels of care are available. Sometimes, you may find your loved one may be better taken care of in Arbor Terrace’s Bridges neighborhood or in memory care. Both living options cater to residents’ specific levels of cognitive challenges and stages. To be able to plan ahead in the best ways possible, it’s crucial you ask the Suwanee communities you visit about the different types of care they can provide in their locations.

Question #3: What Amenities and Services Are Offered?

When your loved one moves to their new home, they do so to enhance their life. Make sure you ask the Suwanee communities of your choosing about their amenities and services. Great communities will include things such as housekeeping, cleaning and laundry services, and transportation and concierge services for every resident on campus. Many also have luxurious amenities such as heated pools, fitness centers, beauty salons, game rooms, or movie theaters on-site. Remember that the more your loved one can relax and leave stress behind, the happier and healthier they can be.

Question #4: How Is the Food?

Great food matters. And an enjoyable mealtime experience includes more than just getting superior nutrition. Make sure you ask the communities whether they have chefs on-site, what their training and background is, and how adjustable the individual menus are. Also, ask about what the entire dining experience for residents looks like. Can residents sit with different friends for different meals? Can they invite guests? Is there room service in their apartments if they are in the mood for that? The best assisted living communities may even offer you a tour to take a peek at the residents’ dining rooms yourself. That way you can see first-hand what the environment looks like, and whether or not it seems inviting and suitable for your loved one.

Question #5: What Types of Activities Are Offered?

Engagement is important. Make sure you ask potential communities what kinds of activities are offered for residents. Also ask them about whether they are on campus, off-site, individual or group classes. Some communities may even be able to show you what a typical weekly or monthly schedule of events looks like for assisted living residents. It’s good to get a grasp of what sort of activities and projects are popular and done frequently in the community. That way you can see how happy and engaged your loved one would likely be there.

Question #6: What Are the Apartment Floors Plans Like?

While this one might not be the most pressing question to ask, it’s always nice to get a bit of a preview. This can make it easier for your loved one to picture themselves living at the community. See if the community offers a variety of floor plans, and what kind of adjustments can be made to individual apartments.

Question #7: What Is the Expected Cost?

Knowing about finances before making the big decision of which assisted living community to choose, is always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to ask your pre-selected communities what the expected cost of assisted living care for your loved one is. The best senior living communities are transparent and helpful. They will support families in whatever way they can as they are evaluating their options and mapping out their finances for senior living.

Bonus Question: Can We Talk To Current Residents and Families?

After you have your most crucial questions answered, don’t be shy to ask community directors if you and your family may be able to talk to current residents and their families directly. Hearing from the people living in the assisted living environment is always a fantastic way to get an honest feel for how your loved one may like it here themselves.  
Looking for a way to compare all the unique features and services of different communities? We have a handy checklist for you, where you can mark off all the items that matter most to you and your family, our Evaluating Senior Living Options Checklist. Download your copy of the printable list here!

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