Know how to find the right option for your loved one’s needs and safety.

What comes next after a diagnosis of early-stage dementia? This question is overwhelming — especially if mom is already settled in her independent living or assisted living apartment. In all cases, family members and the person living with dementia must begin to plan for the future to find the best environment that supports safety, wellness, and quality of life. Let us introduce you to Bridges.

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At Arbor Company communities, our Bridges program provides the ideal solution, giving residents the opportunity to remain as independent as possible while providing a home that promotes positive social connections and a day that eliminates stress. The result? A thriving neighborhood community that leads to a better quality of life, comfort, and empowerment.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The common signs of early-stage dementia
  • What Arbor's Bridges program is all about
  • How to tell if your loved one is ready for Bridges

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