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A key benefit of assisted living communities are the robust engagement programs designed to help residents learn new things, stay active, and live fulfilled, meaningful lives. An important aspect of this are opportunities to be social and connect with the greater community.

Next, we’ll dive deeper into more of what these opportunities are and how to get the most of an engaged, vibrant lifestyle within a Tinton Fall, NJ, assisted living community. 

The Importance of Socialization

Not only is socialization an enjoyable part of life, but it has vast impacts on mental wellbeing. When living independently, many older adults struggle to find opportunities to socialize and even more so after the COVID-19 pandemic. Older adults who find themselves isolated are at a greater risk of depression, anxiety, dementia, and other serious health issues.

 A Tinton Falls, NJ assisted living community offers plenty of opportunities for residents to stay connected with one another, resulting in positive impacts on mental health. With a robust engagement calendar, there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in the community and minimize feelings of  loneliness and isolation.

10 Popular Social Activities

At a Tinton Falls, NJ, assisted living community, there’s something for everyone. Here are ten of the most popular social activities for residents. 

1. Happy Hours

You’ll be sure to find plenty of residents gathered around for the regular Happy Hour. Coming together  with friends for good conversation, drinks, and snacks is one of the most popular social activities on the engagement calendar. 

2. Amazing Entertainers

Local performers are always a big hit. Whether it’s singers performing classic sing-a-long tunes, or the local school choir coming to perform a holiday show, there are always amazing entertainers scheduled to bring joy to the community.

3. Active Games

Healthy competition is always a blast, and keeps your cognitive function at its best performance. With active games like bowling or table tennis, you can get your activity in while connecting with friends. 

4. Fun Excursions

Explore some place new with friends by joining one of the many fun excursions to and from an assisted living community in Tinton Falls, NJ. With trips to local restaurants, concerts, and museums, there are plenty of opportunities to explore new places with friends. 

5. Themed Parties

Exciting, themed parties and events give plenty of opportunities to connect and show off creativity. In the winter, join a holiday ugly sweater party, and in the heat of summer, enjoy a cookout outdoors. Not only are these types of creative parties fun for residents, but the staff members often find themselves joining in on the fun! 

6. Discussion Groups

Discussion groups are a great way to learn something new, or have a deeper conversation with fellow neighbors within your community. From discussion groups on current events, history, pop culture, and much more, there are endless opportunities to learn from one another.

7. Men’s Groups

Men’s groups at an assisted living community often have their own discussion groups or projects to work on as a group. This might be preparing a veteran’s celebration, working with the local Boy Scout Troop, or simply gathering together for a cup of coffee and conversation. 

8. Book Clubs

For readers, a book club can be an excellent opportunity to connect with others and expand your reading horizons. Joining a book club can encourage you to read books you might not typically be drawn to. Plus, members will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss deep topics related to the material you read.

9. Volunteer Groups

A volunteer group at an assisted living community is a popular social activity that allows connection both within the community itself, and the greater town or city. Coming together with a shared purpose to volunteer and make a positive impact on the community is one of the best ways to connect with fellow residents. 

10. Fitness Classes

From zumba to yoga to tai chi, there are always an abundance of group fitness classes. Group fitness activities are one of the most popular ways to socialize, while also getting fit and staying active. Regardless of your fitness level, there’s a wide range of classes to meet your abilities. 

These are only ten of the copious opportunities to build connections with other residents, but there are so many more. Regardless of your interests, you’ll be sure to find opportunities to connect with a robust engagement calendar, such as offered by Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury located in the heart of Tinton Falls, NJ. Through activity and engagement, residents of this picturesque and vibrant assisted living community can stave off loneliness and isolation, resulting in peak mental wellness and an overall better quality of life.

To learn more about the most popular programs at an assisted living community, download our Busy Person’s Guide to Recreation in Retirement to learn all the ways you can enhance and elevate your life through recreation. 


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