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In commemoration of this year’s World Kindness Day, a global day set apart on Nov. 13, 2020, to inspire intentional acts of kindness, Arbor Terrace of Shrewsbury partnered with Lunch Break Food Pantry located in nearby Redbank, N.J. 

A bin was placed outside of the senior living community to collect nonperishable food items and supplies for local families in need in preparation for Thanksgiving. Residents and their families were invited to participate in placing donations in the drop-off boxes through Nov. 9.

On World Kindness Day, a few residents rode along with Shrewsbury staff by bus to donate the collected items to Lunch Break. In past pre-holiday seasons, the community participated in a coat drive, as well as raised money for a cash donation through The Arbor Company’s “What Would You Do For A Dollar” fundraising campaign.

“We feel it’s important to give back to the community, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic and considering the subsequent job and income losses,” said Dena Primont-Dinsmore, Engagement director. “People just need help these days, and we are looking for ways as a community to lend a hand.”


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