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When we think of the challenges of 2020 and the emotional upheaval that came along with the COVID-19 pandemic, one could have easily overlooked some of the pleasant surprises and magical moments that also surfaced. In the midst of uncertainty, an Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury resident's unknown passion for jewelry making was unearthed and her happy place found. 

When a fellow resident’s necklace broke, Lilian stumbled upon a hidden talent when she offered to attempt to reassemble it. In successfully doing so, jewelry making became her new lifeline during what could have been a lonely and confusing time. Since then, she has been at it nonstop in her apartment, making beautiful ensembles of necklaces and bracelets for other residents, staff and loved ones. 

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With many taking notice, admiring her work and recognizing her gift for the art, requests for Christmas and Hanukkah jewelry began pouring in. Arbor Terrace also graciously provided Lilian with materials and supplies to make jewelry for female residents and staff to be given as holiday gifts. With this stamp of approval, she went to work creating jewelry sets in everyone’s preferred colors. 

“Lilian has worked tirelessly and even bagged every gift,” said Dena Primont-Dinsmore, Arbor Terrace Shrewsbury engagement director. “She has been a lifesaver to the community during the holidays, and I know this new hobby has been a lifeline for her as well. We figure life is too short to not be beautifully adorned, regardless of what’s happening outside of our community.” 

Although Lilian wasn’t able to hand deliver the jewelry as she had hoped, as a surprise, the staff arranged for her to view via FaceTime each gift being opened.

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