After dealing with the stressors of raising a family, dealing with co-workers and bosses, and managing everything that goes into owning a home, it’s no wonder that people look forward to how they will spend their retirement years. Then again, the adage that “There’s no place like home” certainly rings true for many.

The desire for an independent, active, and fulfilled life is usually tied to continuing to stay in their homes, which are full of countless memories and feel the most comfortable. However, there are certain realities to growing older, and the National Institute on Aging advises older adults to start planning for the support they need before they actually need it.

Age Your Way — and Live Your Life — at Arbor Terrace of Herndon

Fortunately, communities such as Arbor Terrace of Herndon can offer seniors the best of both worlds: independent living that allows you to age in a social, active community, but with all the perks, support, and benefits of a luxurious senior living setting.

Deciding Where to Age

If you are one of the 77 percent of older adults (according to AARP) who would prefer to stay in their home for as long as possible (also known as aging in place), you are clearly not alone. Aging in place has many desirable qualities, such as staying connected to the community you’ve felt part of for so many years.

However, the National Institute on Aging reports that the effects of isolation on seniors can be quite stressful. Without opportunities for peer support and encouragement, plus the stresses of home maintenance and the logistics of obtaining needed medical care, aging in place can become overwhelming. There are also the costs of in-home caregiver support, which can be limited in frequency or consistency of care.

In addition to the risk of physical injury, older adults who live alone may experience malnutrition because of difficulty making healthy meals, or find transportation to the grocery store or physician's office hard to manage. Medication mistakes tied to vision or other issues that can occur over time are another important risk to consider.

Finding the Right Balance

A luxury independent living apartment can combine the feeling of home and community with amenities that provide convenience, safety, and freedom. Communities such as Arbor Terrace in Herndon are active, social places that allow those with the desire and ability to live life their way a space to do so, but with friendly neighbors and qualified staff just down the hall. From grabbing a quick cup of coffee with a friend to meeting new friends who are in a similar place in life, senior living communities can quickly feel like home.

In addition to always having something on the calendar within Arbor Terrace or in the larger community, there are hobby groups, trips to local hot spots, and exercise classes, as well as delicious and nutritious meals prepared by chefs on-site. A senior community such as Arbor Terrace also allows for convenient and easy access to wellness programs, physician visits, and knowledgeable caregivers available round the clock.

The decision to move to a senior living community — a place that will become a new home — requires careful consideration, and seniors should be prepared to plan and discuss their options with their loved ones. Learn more about our Arbor Terrace community and experience it for yourself.

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