Independent Living in Herndon, VA — How to Live Life Your WayThe only constant in life is change. Children grow up, careers shift gears, and new friends and family members come into your life. Though transitions are not always without a bit of trepidation, they can also be opportunities to turn the page on a new chapter of your life and grow.

As we grow older, one question that many seniors may find overwhelming is how best to remain independent for as long as possible while also balancing the need for socialization, financial stability, and new experiences. Though some seniors decide that remaining in their home can be an option, research into what an independent senior living community could mean for your family is worth a look. These communities blend the freedom of living at home with the benefits of an engaged, supportive community.

But there is so much more to it than that. Let’s dive into just how an independent senior living community can help you continue to live your life your way.

Finding Your Fit

Whether you are just beginning your research into independent living communities or you are further down the path, you might be feeling overwhelmed about your choices or nervous that your choice may not ultimately fit your lifestyle. At the same time, deciding to leave a place that you have called home for years could be tied to a fear that you may be losing your sense of independence. 

It is in this place that independent senior living communities shine: Residents can build a new community in a luxury apartment that provides the right balance of independence and safety. Communities like Arbor Terrace of Herndon are active, social places that give their residents the options and programs that allow seniors to live life their way, but with friendly neighbors and experienced staff just down the hall. 

A Life Packed with Amenities

How did you picture your retirement years? At Arbor Terrace, residents have daily access to fine dining with nutritious meals, a packed social and educational calendar, and ample opportunities to socialize and explore your local community. In other words, you will find that you have complete freedom to decide how to spend your time and design your living space.

Feel like learning something new or exploring a long-lost hobby? Want to check out a local park or attraction? Feel like entertaining family and friends? Arbor Terrace of Herndon presents you with all of these options, including custom-designed meal packages.

Fewer Worries

Living at an independent senior living community means coming and going as you please and devoting more energy to enjoying life, rather than keeping up with housework and errands. The team at Arbor Terrace will take all of the stress out of planning and organizing new learning and recreational programs, facilitating health and fitness courses, maintaining apartments and common areas, and landscaping.

Residents also have access to libraries, business centers, community transportation, housekeeping, concierge services, and more. There is also on-site security, 24-hour emergency help available, and nursing staff on hand to answer the occasional question. Finally, independent living communities use an all-inclusive approach to billing, rolling everything from maintenance to dining to living expenses into one price, which can provide peace of mind as opposed to the unpleasant financial surprises that often come with homeownership.

Independent senior living communities like Arbor Terrace are redefining what it means to enjoy your retirement. With modern facilities, ample amenities, and diverse opportunities for growth and socialization, today’s seniors are able to learn and do more while still getting the support that they need. 

However, we know that the decision to move to an independent living community can come with many questions and input from loved ones. The team at Arbor Terrace would love to speak with you to help you learn more about our community and set up an opportunity for you to experience it for yourself.

In the meantime, check out one of our resources, “Everything You Need to Know About Independent Living” to read more about what your life could be like if you choose to make Arbor Terrace your new home.Safe & Comfortable Guide