When you begin your search for an assisted living community in Canton, Georgia, you may not know where to start. It is certainly overwhelming when you weigh the possibilities and start to consider moving into a new home. Fortunately, choosing an assisted living community can be easier than you expect when you consider the care, the culture, and the community. Taking these three characteristics into consideration when touring assisted living communities can help you be confident that you are choosing a home that will keep you, or your senior loved one, healthy and happy.

Excellent Care

There are multiple options for assisted living in the Canton area. However, not all offer the care that you, or your senior loved one, need to live as independently as possible. Excellent care is the hallmark of any exceptional assisted living community, and it should be the first box to check when beginning your tours or discovery process.

Most assisted living communities offer varying types of care, depending on the challenges and preferences of individual residents. Before you head into an assisted living community, take time to think about what help you, or your senior loved one, need. Is showering a difficult or unsafe task to complete alone? Could you use assistance with keeping your medications straight or with managing a chronic medical condition? If you aren’t sure what types of care you may need, talk with your doctor about it prior to starting your search.

Once you know what type of care you need for basic daily activities, you can see what that assistance may look like in the assisted living communities you visit. Discover if there are any additional fees for the level of care you seek, and find out what training the care staff receives on a regular basis.

Caring Culture

Next, evaluate the culture of the community you visit. Do the executive director and other management staff seem committed to communication? Do caregivers and nurses seem genuinely engaged with residents? Are residents happy and friendly with one another? These observations may seem small, but can tell you a lot about what is happening in the community.

An excellent assisted living community will have leaders who value communication with families and with residents. Staff members will take time to visit with residents and get to know them, while residents will feel safe and happy.

Vibrant Community

Finally, a vibrant community is key to keeping you, or your loved one, happy in their new home. Look for a community that boasts a busy and varied activity calendars, chock full of options that interest your loved one. One of the best parts of living in the Canton area is the greater community. Our town is full of restaurants, schools, shopping, and parks that are waiting to be explored. Check to see if the assisted living community you are touring brings in these local resources for residents to enjoy.

Beyond bringing the fun of Canton in for the assisted living residents, be sure that the staff is planning trips to bring the residents out to enjoy Canton. Look for trips to birdwatch or picnic in our park system, for shopping excursions to locally owned stores, or a day trip to Atlanta for an exciting day in the city. These opportunities are not only fun, but also keep residents connected to the greater community of Canton that they love.

Focus on care, culture, and community when you are searching for a new assisted living community to call home. While there are certainly other factors to consider when making this important decision, these main considerations will help you make the best choice possible.

When it comes to care, culture, and a vibrant community, no one does it better than The Arbor at BridgeMill. This warm and welcoming community takes pride in serving residents and meeting every unique need. Staff know the importance of communication and foster a caring culture by leaders who demonstrate by example. Give the team at The Arbor at BridgeMill a call to get your tour scheduled; you are so close to finding a home that you love.

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