Suzanne’s journey to The Arbor at BridgeMill is a story of embracing change and finding new beginnings. In our video, "Suzanne Starts a New Chapter... and Boy it's Good" she shares her experience of transitioning from her long-time home to our community. 

Amidst the organized chaos of packing and sorting through decades of memories, Suzanne reflects on the importance of moving forward. Her home, filled with family photos and cherished letters, symbolizes a life rich with memories. Yet, she expresses excitement for the new experiences and friendships awaiting her at The Arbor at BridgeMill.

Suzanne’s decision to join our community, a choice she and her late husband made together, marks the start of a new chapter where she enjoys independence and a renewed zest for life. Her story is a testament to the positive impact of embracing change and finding a community where one truly belongs.

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