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Sometimes, the best decision is challenging. Moving from home to an assisted living community is a big change. It can feel daunting and overwhelming, but with preparation you can feel confident in your decision in making the next step.

When you’re facing any change in life, the more you know the more control you can have on the situation. It’s important to have open, honest conversations both with loved ones, and the team members at the assisted living community. Taking time to thoughtfully plan for the transition to an assisted living community in Canton, GA, will help make the change feel smoother and more manageable. 

Whether you’re preparing for a move on your own or with a loved one, preparation will help you move forward with confidence. Here, we’ll share six tips to keep in mind when you’re preparing for a transition to your new home.

Set Expectations

Before your move, it’s important to have a deep understanding of the assisted living community in order to know what to expect. It’s vital to know the values of the community and the services that are offered. Ensure that the services and programs offered align with your goals and values. 

Keep in mind that a change this big will require time to adjust. There may be some challenging periods that will need some flexibility. Being patient, allowing yourself some time to adapt, and moving forward with an open mind is key.  Having patience and allowing yourself time to adjust is key. 

Meet the Team

Prior to moving in, make plans to meet members of the team that may not have been a part of your initial tour. Meet some of the dining servers, nurses, activity coordinators and the social worker. These are the team members you’ll be interacting with most frequently at the start. Having some friendly faces to look for will help to increase your comfort level, at the beginning of your journey. 

Make Your New Space Yours

As you're preparing for your move, be thoughtful about what to bring and how to downsize. Sometimes, involving a friend or professional downsizer can help make the best decisions on what to keep. Allow yourself time to consider what to do with items that may no longer be needed. 

Consider ways to make your new apartment feel like home. Bring personal items - furniture, photos, and cherished belongings - to decorate your space. Feeling like the space is tailored to you will help to feel more comfortable in the space. 

Make Plans with Loved Ones

Before moving, some people have concerns about seeing their friends and family less. Consider making a standing schedule of outings and visits with your loved ones. Whether it's a meal or activity at the community, or an outing together to the Canton Theater or one of the other Canton, GA sites, having set times you can count on to see your loved ones will provide comfort and reassurance. 

Additionally, take advantage of technology to have virtual visits with loved ones living outside of Georgia. Team members at the community will be able to provide support using new technology, if needed. While you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make new friends in the community, staying in touch with longtime loved ones will make the new community feel more like home! 

Join Community Programs

Assisted living communities in Canton, GA, offer robust activity calendars with a variety of programs, such as exercise programs and summer games. These calendars are designed to appeal to a wide range of people and provide a space to form new relationships with fellow residents and staff. Many communities even have a resident welcome committee to help you make new friends, learn more about the community, and settle in. 

Know Your Support System

As with any change in life, transitioning to an assisted living community can be overwhelming. Before moving, understand who will serve as your support system. Think about loved ones you can call if things feel difficult, as well as more formal support like a trusted doctor and therapist. Assisted living communities will also have a social worker on site to provide support to residents going through a wide variety of changes.

Transitioning to an assisted living community takes decision making, time and coordination. For more guidance on a smooth transition, download The Arbor at BridgeMill’s Complete Checklist for Moving to a Senior Living Community. Inside, you’ll find tips on downsizing, how to prepare emotionally, a packing checklist, and more!

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