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Resources for Caregivers Near Dacula, Georgia

As seniors age, caring for them often falls upon their loved ones. Many family members willingly step into the role of caregiver even though they have no experience, no formal training, and little idea of where to turn for help.

Caregiving is so demanding that it can take a big toll. In fact, a study at the National Institutes of Health refers to caregivers as “secondary patients” and warns that the demands of caregiving can be harmful to a person’s health. But there is help available for people who have been thrust into this role.

Here are seven resources for caregivers living in or near Dacula, Georgia.

Educate Yourself

1. Empowerline

his service is a great place to get started. Monthly phone consultations with a certified care coordinator can help caregivers identify helpful available resources for their loved ones. Fill out a Care Consultation sheet to get started.

2. Caregiver Action Network

This website also helps educate caregivers about what they need to know. Call the free caregiver help desk line at 855-227-3640 anytime from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and experts will be available to answer your questions

3. Senior Provisions

This senior care organization offers three-hour caregiver workshops to help ensure that new caregivers have the tools they need when caring for their loved ones.

Remember to Take a Break

Like airplane passengers who must put on their own oxygen masks before helping others, caregivers need to remember to care for themselves. That means taking regular breaks from this demanding job by finding other people to provide care for a few hours, or a day. 

In-Home Support

Organizations provide services ranging from housework, personal care, and transportation for seniors to give their caregivers a break.

4. Gwinnett Senior Services

The county senior services department evaluates seniors ages 60 and up to see what support can be provided. Call 678-377-4150 for more information.

5. BrightStar Care

This local home care agency provides trained healthcare workers to meet seniors’ needs while caregivers take a break.

Adult Day Care

Adult day care centers are places where seniors can spend the day while their caregivers go to work or run errands.

6. Caring and Loving Adult Day Center
This center in nearby Lawrenceville provides a full day of activities for seniors.

Find Support

Experts at AARP say a proper caregiver life balance is essential to helping caregivers reduce stress and avoid burnout. Support groups play an important role by helping caregivers connect with one another and share experiences.

To find a support group, caregivers should check with their loved one’s doctor, local churches, and area senior centers.

7. Smart Patients Caregivers Community

This online caregiver forum, sponsored by the Family Caregiver Alliance is available for caregivers who find it difficult to attend a local support group.

Sometimes, there comes a point where the best thing a caregiver can do is to help their loved one move to a community where professional, full-time care is available. At Arbor Terrace Hamilton Mill in Dacula, trained caregivers make sure that all residents’ needs are met. This improves seniors’ quality of life and provides peace of mind for their family members. If you’d like to find more about Arbor Terrace and what it offers, call 770-800-7826.

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