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When getting ready for a move, there are countless logistical and emotional transitions to consider. Feelings about change, independence, lifestyle, finances, and moving in general are important to process. This is often true for both seniors moving into assisted living communities and their loved ones.However, moving a loved one into an assisted living community in Dacula, GA doesn’t have to feel like such a daunting task.

After more than 30 years of creating thriving senior living communities, The Arbor Company is here to help you each step of the way. Keep reading to hear our best advice of how to process and plan to make this journey much less overwhelming.

First, Prepare Yourself

Sorting through your own emotions is a crucial first step. If your feelings are still swirling, chances are it will be harder to have a logical conversation with others about this topic. Take time to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions about your loved one’s upcoming move first.

Similarly, make sure you thoroughly research each aspect of assisted living so you feel confident and prepared. When you have answers for many frequently asked questions, you will feel more certain about your stance. Your certainty will likely be reassuring to your loved one - validation that this is the next right thing.

We highly recommend exploring the websites of assisted living communities and asking others you trust for referrals if they have experience moving a loved one into a senior living community. Then, once you have a few potential neighborhoods in mind, it may also be helpful to visit some of the communities on your own. Chatting with the staff and seeing residents living daily life will provide additional insight so you can get a feel for the overall environment of each community.

Talk with Other Family Members and Trusted Caretakers

Having conversations with other family members and caretakers who genuinely have your loved one’s best interest at heart is also essential. These people will also be affected by this move, whether it impacts their daily schedule, finances, emotions, or a combination of the three. They will likely have valuable input about what is best for your loved one.

It can be helpful to share the findings from your research during these conversations, but we also encourage leaving room for healthy questioning and other perspectives. Sometimes simply talking about these somewhat uncomfortable topics can bring up important facts, feelings, and opinions. Working through them now will allow for a smoother transition down the road. 

Talk with Your Loved One

When having conversations directly with your loved one surrounding a move to an assisted living community, it helps to approach each topic with empathy, understanding, and confidence. After you have thoroughly researched, processed, and dialogue about this move on your own, it will be easier to guide your loved one through these sensitive topics. It may even be helpful to create a list or outline of specific points you want to talk about to help you remember in the moment.

Similarly, showcasing positive aspects of the new community can also help your loved one begin feeling more positive toward this upcoming transition. It may be beneficial to schedule a tour so they can physically see what they have to look forward to and, if possible, make plans to visit regularly before they even move so they know they aren’t alone. You can also check out our blog and events page to get a glimpse of other activities happening in our assisted living community.

Prepare for the Move

Although some of these topics may be uncomfortable at first, planning ahead usually provides more peace of mind in the long run. Going over logistics — like the reality of downsizing or projected expenses if they stay home vs. if they move to assisted living — can be challenging, but also provides an immense amount of clarity and relief.

It is essential for families and friends to help their loved ones through the transition of moving from their existing home into their new home in an assisted living community. This may mean taking time to help sort, pack, or donate household items or calling a moving team to orchestrate these services. Being willing and available to help with the logistics of moving can create a more peaceful transition for everyone.

To further support you and your loved one, our team of experts has created a free guide that dives into all of these topics even more in depth. Click here to download your copy of Talking to Your Parent About Senior Living.

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