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Resources for Caregivers

Just as your parents cared for you when you were a child, you will want to care for them as they age. But depending on the state of their health and their willingness to accept your help, that job may be much more difficult than you imagine.

Many people find that becoming a caregiver for their parents means shifting their mindset away from that of a son or a daughter. Plus, this demanding job can take its toll on your own health.

Here are four resources family caregivers can use to find help when they need it.

1. Family Caregiver Council

Leaders of national family caregiver organizations teamed up with experts on aging to create this group, which aims to help the millions of family caregivers in our country. This website provides easy access to information and resources. 

2. Caregiver Action Network

This website offers a wealth of information designed to help you navigate the challenges of caregiving, including tips to help caregivers care for themselves and an online community forum where caregivers can connect with each other for advice and support.

3. Friends and Family

It may seem obvious, but caregivers often either don’t think to ask for help from those closest to them or are embarrassed to ask for it, believing that they should be able to handle the job alone. Instead:

  • Seek out help from family members.

The job of caregiver to aging parents often falls squarely on the shoulders of one of their adult children, usually a daughter. If that is the case for you, have a frank conversation with your siblings and be prepared to give concrete examples of how they can help. For instance, a sibling who lives in another state could take over some of the finances or come to town on a regular basis to give you a break.

  • Accept help from friends.

If they suggest you need a break and offer to step in for a few hours, take them up on it. An afternoon off will help you recharge your batteries.

4. Assisted Living Communities

Sometimes, no matter how many resources are available, the best thing a caregiver can do for their senior loved one is to help facilitate a move to a senior living community. Communities like Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory in Marietta employ fully trained caregivers and are designed to meet residents’ needs in the best way possible. This not only improves the seniors’ quality of life, but it also gives family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are well cared for.

Check out this free guide to assisted living for more information, or call Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory at 770-691-0050 to arrange a tour and see for yourself.

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