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Beth Laxton, Executive Director of Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory, began her illustrious career in senior living 31 years ago, in 1988. She’s accumulated a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, wisdom, and management expertise in her time serving seniors, and has earned the respect and admiration of residents, families, and staff. We’re honored to have her as part of our community, and grateful for the lasting impact she leaves on every life she touches.

Beth Laxton, an Arbor Treasure

A native of Albemarle, North Carolina, and with Burnt Hickory since the beginning of 2019. In her role as Executive Director, she oversees daily operations, ensures that the community complies with all relevant regulations, and works to cultivate a strong, compassionate culture. Beth prioritizes exceptional customer service.

“It is a pleasure coming to work each morning,” she said. “Burnt Hickory is a wonderful community. Residents and staff have made me feel so welcomed. Our community is an immense source of joy in my life!”

Beth said it’s hard to choose a favorite memory because residents are so happy across community neighborhoods. She loves the music and art programs, and is proud to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families.

That connection goes both ways. Beth has formed close relationships with many residents. She says the best advice she ever received from a resident was, “A good day is when you have learned something new.” Beth aspires always to follow and live up to this mantra.

A Commitment to Others

You can learn a lot about a person from the reputation they build for themselves. Beth’s reputation is impeccable. She earns praise from both staff and residents.

“I have worked at The Arbor Company for seven years, and was here at Burnt Hickory’s opening. Beth is like a breath of fresh air. She walks in smiling, greets everyone, and is always available for a friendly chat. She is warm and engaging, and makes residents and staff feel special,” said Kay Holmquist, Director of Resident Relations.

Kate Latting, a resident, agreed: “Beth is indeed a vibrant, shining star as Executive Director for Arbor Terrace of Burnt Hickory. She cares for each one of us with such sincerity. She creates change where or when it is needed. She makes our community a delightful home.”

Engagement Director Shanny Burge emphasized Beth’s commitment to service, explaining, “Beth is a servant leader who is solution focused. She is steady, compassionate, and fair. Being on her team is special in that she encourages people to be true to themselves. It is important to me to work in an environment of care, and Beth cultivates that for residents and team members alike. I am happy to serve on her inaugural staff.”

Arbor: Changing Lives Through Connection

Strong relationships make life worth living, no matter who you are. At Arbor, we work hard to nurture lasting connections that leave seniors feeling supported, heard, and understood. As the leader of Burnt Hickory, Beth sets a strong example, and models a commitment to service each and every day. 

We have served seniors for more than 30 years. We don’t believe in generic retirements. Instead, we work with each resident to craft the perfect retirement for their needs, abilities, and goals. We would love to connect with you to talk about what you want from the next chapter of your life. Give us a call to learn more!

Beth Laxton

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